Human Resources

Global Challenge



Winning Team from each Area
(minimum 3 teams) 

Facilities Management - Pace Makers
Faculty of Health Sciences - Pounder's Pack
Faculty of Social Science - Sociologists On The Move
Financial Services - Sweet Soles
Hospitality Services - Fast Footed Foodies
Housing & Ancillary Services - The Housing Hustle
Human Resources - Wellness Walkers
Registrar's Office - ROCK and STROLL
Richard Ivey School of Business - In It To Win it!
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry - Cerebral Systems Lab
Student Experience - Lactic Acid Heads
Vice President External - WBWLKN
VP Research - No Nestin', No Restin'
Western Engineering - WE Fit 3.0
Western Libraries - Bookin' It
Western Science - GoGoGo!
Western Technology Services - I would walk 10000 steps

Final Team Standings 

Pace Makers (6,382 miles)
Lactic Acid Heads (6,088 miles)
Walkaholics (5,434 miles)
WE Fit 3.0 (5,421 miles)
No Nestin', No Restin' (5,362 miles)
Rapid Thigh Movement (5,001 miles)
WBWLKN (4,973 miles)
Red Hot Chili Steppers (4,917 miles)
ROCK and STROLL (4,854 miles)

Western Senior Administration Team
Walk the Talk (3,885 miles; 42nd out of 154 teams)

1K Club
Eric Desjardins (The RIP Tides) 
Guy Schultz (Lactic Acid Heads)
Marek Kilkiewicz (Lactic Acid Heads)
Paul Midgley (Sports and Rec #2)
Draga Dugonjic (Pace Makers)
Amy Jacob (Sociologists on the Move)
Mihaela Harmos (I ain't afraid of no goose!)
Michelle Wagler (WE Fit 3.0)
Ann Frost (SevenUp)
Beth Emery (Rapid Thigh Movement)
Elaine Roswell (Sweet Soles)
Michelle Harvey (Rapid Thigh Movement)
Elaine Fletcher (Instructors on the MOVE)
Serguei Primak (WE Fit 3.0)
Gordana Havic (Walkaholics)
Michael Berman (ROCK and STROLL)
Lorne Falkenstein (Philosophy Department)
Joan Finegan (To be determined)
Jacquie Burkell (Red Hot Chili Steppers)
Pharit Hok (I would walk 10000 steps)
Julie Kiser (Bookin' It)
Sarah Buck (In it To Win it!)
Aleksandra Rakic (Holy Walkamolies)
Karen J Norman (Wind Warriors)
Matt Mills (Wellness Walkers)
Pam McKenzie (Red Hot Chili Steppers)
Kelsey Taylor (No Nestin', No Restin')
Teng Lim (I would walk 10000 steps)
Alex Levine (Cerebral Systems Lab)

Purple Shoe Award (biggest week-to-week improvement)


Week 13 - Walk Good! (Facilities Management)
Week 12 - ACO Snail Steppers (Faculty of Social Science)
Week 11 - MME (Western Engineering)
Week 10 - ACO Snail Steppers (Faculty of Social Science)
Week 9 - WES+ (Facilities Management)
Week 8 - Wind Warriors (Engineering)
Week 7 - MME (Western Engineering)
Week 6 - Stop, Drop and Stroll (Community & Campus Police Services)
Week 5 - Step N' Slay (Teaching Support Centre)
Week 4 - We Thought They Said Rum (Richard Ivey School of Business)
Week 3 - Walk Good! Facilities Management
Week 2 - PannEXins (Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry)


Week 13 - Carri Hand (Super Steppers)
Week 12 - Morgan Sheriff (Super ...)
Week 11 - Luis Miguel (Los 7 Fantasticos)
Week 10 - Salvador Navarro (Make Walking Great Again)
Week 9 - Hamid Abdolvand (MME)
Week 8 - Becky Ellis (The RIP Tides)
Week 7 - Vince VandenHeuvel (WES+)
Week 6 - Marian Schneider (2far4u)
Week 5 - Lauren Anstey (Step N' Slay)
Week 4 - June Cotte (We Thought They Said Rum)
Week 3 - Martha Dagnew (Women Step Up)
Wee 2 - Hamid Abdolvand (MME)


The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging offers exercise classes, personal training, fitness assessments, and educational training to improve the well-being of older adults (55+). See the attached document for a special Global Challenge promotion - feel free to share this with friends and family members!

Living Well @ Western offers free lunch-hour activity classes (Meditation, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, & Full Body Blast) at multiple sites on campus. Need a break? Schedule a short wellness break for your group and our wellness co-ordinator will come to you! Visit for activity class schedules and more!

EAP - You don’t have to do it alone. Whether you are focused on prevention or are in need of support to get back on track, Family Service Employee Assistance Plan (FSEAP) is available 24/7 to provide caring, professional and confidential assistance to you and your dependents.  Managing physical and emotional well-being, succeeding at work, enhancing relationships, improving finances and exploring child and elder care resources are just some of the areas FSEAP can help with. Find full details on the program, including eligibility, online here: or call 1-877-433-0701.

Manulife offers a free confidential website,, which has great wellness resources such as a Health Risk Assessment, Health Library, and other available tools.

Sunlife - Throughout our lives we are faced with financial choices and pressures.  Sun Life offers a variety of online webinars to help you learn and plan as you go.  Register for one today:

Looking for help managing your Western Pension Plan?  

Check out the webinars and our workshops and planning tools:

STOP program - Looking to quit smoking or know someone that is? Attend an on-campus educational session on October 15, 2018 (1:00-3:30 pm or 3:30-6:00 pm) and receive a 5-week course of nicotine patches. To register for the Western University Workshop, contact the Middlesex-London Health Unit at 519-663-5317 ext. 4357.

Photos From Living Well @ Western Events

Launch Event

Outdoor Zumba Class

Summer Games - Midpoint Celebration

Amazing Race - Global Challenge Edition