2019 Global Challenge

FIFA Women's World Cup

To celebrate the 2019 World Cup event, all Global Challenge teams have been randomly allocated to one of the twenty-four countries participating in the event. Work with other teams from across campus to achieve the highest average step count and help your country advance to the World Cup Finals. Want another reason to follow the World Cup? If your country advances in the actual tournament, you will earn bonus steps for this fun competition! 

Group Stages: June 7-20
Round of 16: June 22-25
Quarter-Finals: June 27-29
Semi-Finals: July 2-3
3rd Place Match: July 6
Finals: July 7

List of teams and countries 

Official Rules

Walk-to-Run Fridays

Many people see running as something they either hate or that is too difficult for them. It doesn't have to be either of those things. Led by a middle aged, former "running hater", the beginners running group will follow a simple route around campus. We will use the "run a little, walk a lot, run a little, walk a bit less" strategy to build confidence for those that have always thought running was beyond them. 

The first session is planned for Friday, June 21st at noon - the first day of summer! You'll need a good pair of running shoes and sunscreen. Participants will meet on concrete beach.

This is intended as an introduction to running. So come out and give it a try! 

Western Stats

(as of June 17th) 

Daily Step Average - 13,351;-89  
Participants exceeding 10K steps/day - 74.9%; +1.1% 
Participants exceeding 12.5K steps/day - 46.5%; -0.7%

Week 3 - Purple Shoe Award 

Most Improved Team

Winners: UX-ercisers - 32.33%
Honorable Mention: Don't MOS with us! - 14.44%

Most Improved Individual

Winner: Saqib Sachani (VP Research) - 244.27%
Honorable Mention: Jessica Ye (Purple Dragon Slayers) - 193.23%

Previous Winners
W2 - Most Improved Team: In It to Win It (Facilities Management) 
W2 - Most Improved Individual: Zeljka Kovacevic (In It to Win It) 

Current Standings

Top 5 Teams

  1. Kill-O-Meters (Western Technology Services) - 2,675 km
  2. Pace Makers (Facilities Management) -2,284 km
  3. MUST ACHE Stangs (Student Experience) - 2,254 km
  4. The glycogenolysers (Schulich) - 1,975 km
  5. Shutup LEGS You're Fine - 1,929 km

Top 5 Participants (steps/day)

  1. Sasha Jokic (Kill-O-Meters) - 42,301
  2. Kate Sinclair (Blast from the Past) - 36,563
  3. Anna Dorobek (Kill-O-Meters) - 35,471
  4. Paula Hill (Shutup LEGS You're Fine) - 35,161
  5. Elaine Roswell (Agony of De Feet) - 31,170

Top 3 Walkers (steps/day)

  1. Kate Sinclair (Blast from the Past) - 36,367
  2. Paula Hill (Shutup LEGS You're Fine) - 35,162
  3. Bingbing Luo (Speedy Gonzalez Team) - 31,864

Top 3 Cyclists (steps/day)

  1. Sasha Jokic (Kill-O-Meters) - 26,374
  2. Anna Dorobek (Kill-O-Meters) - 18,846
  3. Tyler Lougheed (Sole Survivors) - 16,537

Top 3 Swimmers (steps/day)

  1. Zeljka Kovacevic (In It To Win It) - 9,327
  2. Terri MacDougall (Surgery Walkers) - 7,373
  3. Saqib Sachani (Sole Survivors) - 6,837  

Top 5 Teams (Challenge Points; What are Challenge Points?)

  1. Kill-O-Meters (Western Technology Services) - 6683
  2. Pace Makers (Facilities Management) - 6036
  3. Error 404: Team Name Not Found (Housing & Ancillary Services) - 5981
  4. Walk All Over You (Schulich) - 5942
  5. The "Fan"tastic 7: Game On (Western Engineering) - 5584

Top 5 Participants (Challenge PointsWhat are Challenge Points?)

  1. Kate Sinclair (Blast from the Past) - 1426
  2. Scott Charlton (Magnetic Attraction) - 1336
  3. Sasha Jokic (Kill-O-Meters) - 1316
  4. Draga Dugonjic (Pace Makers) - 1316
  5. Jennifer Pontes (Error 404: Team Name Not Found) - 1291


We have a number of resources available on campus to help you achieve your personal and team goals.

Campus Recreation invites staff & faculty to “Get Fit” with a complimentary one-week membership at the Western Student Recreation Centre from May 27th - June 2nd. A special 100-Day Membership is being offered to Global Challenge Participants for $100 (plus HST); this membership is only available for purchase until Friday, June 7th.

Living Well @ Western offers free lunch-hour activity classes. A special ‘Get Up & Go’ class is being offered Tuesday mornings from 8:15-8:50 AM (starting May 28th). Participants will meet on Concrete Beach and go through a series of mobility drills, short runs, and calisthenic exercises that are guaranteed to ramp up your steps and get your day started right!

The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging offers exercise classes, personal training, fitness assessments, and educational training to improve the well-being of older adults (55+).

The Western Run Club meets every Thursday at 4:30 PM from the WIRB atrium. There are various routes and groups to accommodate runners at all levels.

Western Dietitian Services provides nutritional counselling for students, faculty, and staff. They offer meal planning, recipe ideas, sports nutrition, and management for a variety of health concerns and eating disorders. Services may be reimbursable through extended health benefit plans.

Fitness Appraisal (Bod Pod) - Body composition assessment (lean mass vs fat mass) is far better than tracking body weight because not only can lean mass differ significantly among individuals but exercise can increase lean mass as well as decrease fat mass.  This means body weight can stay the same or even increase while body fat is decreasing. If you are interested in having your body composition measured, please contact Adam Craig.; pricing is dependent on the number of participants that sign-up and offered through the Exercise Nutrition Research Laboratory.

Manulife offers a free confidential website, which has great wellness resources such as a Health Risk Assessment, Health Library, and other available tools.

Sunlife - Throughout our lives we are faced with financial choices and pressures.  Sun Life offers a variety of online webinars to help you learn and plan as you go.  Register for one today!

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