2019 Global Challenge

Western - Final Stats

Daily Step Average - 13,733
10K+ steps/day - 74.8%
12.5K+ steps/day - 48.6%

Team Leaderboard

  1. Kill-O-Meters (Western Technology Services) - 11,503 km
  2. MUST ACHE Stangs (Student Experience) - 10,326 km
  3. Pace Makers (Facilities Management) - 9778 km
  4. The "Fan"tastic 7: Game On (Western Engineering) - 9681 km
  5. Blast From the Past (Faculty of Social Science) - 8509 km
  6. Wholly Walkamoly (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) - 8310 km
  7. Distance Over Time (Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry) - 8216 km
  8. Speed Gonzalez Team (Alfredo Pichard'o) - 8176 km
  9. Walk All Over You (Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry) - 8101 km
  10. Shutup LEGS You're Fine (Hospitality Services) - 8057 km

The Kill-O-Meters were the only Western team to finish in the Top 1000 Globally (RK: 887) 

Top Participants (steps/day)

  1. Sasha Jokic (Kill-O-Meters) - 44,804
  2. Guy Schultz (MUST ACHE Stangs) - 43,031
  3. Anna Dorobek (Kill-O-Meters) - 42,921
  4. Kate Sinclair (Blast from the Past) - 41,779
  5. Bingbing Luo (Speedy Gonzalez Team) - 38,877
  6. Elaine Roswell (Agony of De Feet) - 35,355
  7. Draga Dugonjic (Pace Makers) - 35,312
  8. Michelle Wagler (The "Fan"tastic 7: Game On) - 34,136
  9. Paula Hill (Shutup LEGS You're Fine) - 33,890
  10. Peter Jeffs (We Are Max Buzzed) - 33,806

Top Teams - Challenge Points (What are Challenge Points?)

  1. Error 404: Team Name Not Found (Housing & Ancillary Services) - 48,876
  2. Kill-O-Meters (Western Technology Services) - 42,744
  3. The "Fan"tastic 7: Game On (Western Engineering) - 39,386
  4. Pace Makers (Facilities Management) - 39,277
  5. Blast From the Past (Social Science) - 34,457
  6. Phit Philosophers (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) - 32,206
  7. Western In Step Globally (Western Technology Services) - 30,633
  8. ORANGE you glad we're all FIT (Faculty of Health Sciences) - 28,608
  9. Speedy Gonzalez Team (Facilities Management) - 27,827
  10. A Fraction Ahead (Western Science) - 27,630

Top Participants - Challenge Points What are Challenge Points?)

  1. Draga Dugonjic (Pace Makers) - 11,545
  2. Kate Sinclair (Blast from the Past) - 11,270
  3. Remington Wickman (The "Fant"tastic 7: Game On) - 10,360
  4. Teng Lim (Western In Step Globally) - 10,350
  5. Jennifer Pontes (Error 404: Team Name Not Found) - 10,325
  6. Sasha Jokic (Kill-O-Meters) - 10,220
  7. Kristina Fornelos (Shoelich: Game of Soles) - 9605
  8. Linda Carmichael (Error 404: Team Name Not Found) - 9305
  9. Chris Poblocki (Kill-O-Meters) - 9240
  10. Tim Blahout (Taylor Trekkers) - 9200

Week 14 - Purple Shoe Award

W14 - Sole Survivors (VP Research); Gary Good (SSW - Surface Science Winners)
W13 - No Chance Athletes (Faculty of Health Sciences); Eric Morse (In It to Win It!)
W12 - Oh My Aching ASC (Western Libraries); Colleen Keech (The Psyclones)
W11 - Raising The Bar (Western Law); Lina Gallego (Holy Walkamolies)
W10 - Twisted Blisters (Western Libraries); Ron Vander (Walk All Over You)
W9 - Zumba (Western Science); Alison Roussel (Fit as a Cello)
W8 - Your Pace or Mine (VP Research); Jennifer Maxwell (Agony of De Feet)
W7 - Legs Miserables (Western Libraries); Eva Kwan (Mind Over Matter)
W6 - Holy Walkamolies (Western Science); William Beldman (Western In Step Globally)
W5 - Kill-O-Meters (Western Technology Services); Mary Ann Dunham (Safety & Wellness)
W4 - We Are Max Buzzed (Financial Services); Peter Zeman (Magnetic Attraction)
W3 - Ux-Ercisers (Western Libraries); Saqib Sachani (VP Research)
W2 - In It to Win It (Facilities Management); Zeljka Kovacevic (In It to Win It)

Amazing Race - Global Challenge Edition

Thanks to everyone that participated and to our amazing volunteers! 

1st Place - Kate Schieman & Alex Elias
2nd Place - Grace Kelly & Douglas Keddy
3rd Place - Dayana Kibilds & Bruno Salcedo

Spirit Award Winners

The Western Spirit Award Winners were selected based on performance up to Day 75 (Sunday, August 4th). Winners will be rewarded with additional Challenge Points. For a list of winners, please refer to the Spirit Award Winners list.  


We have a number of resources available on campus to help you achieve your personal and team goals.

Campus Recreation is running a Spin Series consisting of 9 x 30-min express spin classes. The event starts on July 2nd with classes being offered every Tuesday from 12:15-12:45PM. The cost of the entire program is $9.99 and is open to all Campus Rec members. Earn 7290 steps per class! 

Living Well @ Western offers free lunch-hour activity classes. A special ‘Get Up & Go’ class is being offered Tuesday mornings from 8:15-8:50 AM. Participants will meet on Concrete Beach and go through a series of mobility drills, short runs, and calisthenic exercises that are guaranteed to ramp up your steps and get your day started right!  

The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging offers exercise classes, personal training, fitness assessments, and educational training to improve the well-being of older adults (55+).

The Western Run Club meets every Thursday at 4:30 PM from the WIRB atrium. There are various routes and groups to accommodate runners at all levels.

Western Dietitian Services provides nutritional counselling for students, faculty, and staff. They offer meal planning, recipe ideas, sports nutrition, and management for a variety of health concerns and eating disorders. Services may be reimbursable through extended health benefit plans.

Manulife offers a free confidential website, which has great wellness resources such as a Health Risk Assessment, Health Library, and other available tools.

Sunlife - Throughout our lives we are faced with financial choices and pressures.  Sun Life offers a variety of online webinars to help you learn and plan as you go.  Register for one today!


 If you are having difficulties with the Max Buzz or Global Challenge Portal, please visit the Virgin Pulse Help Desk. 


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