Mental Health

Mental Health First Aid Canada

Mental Health First Aid Canada teaches participants how to help someone showing signs of a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis is resolved. The concept is based on the model of medical first aid. The course aims to teach people to:
  • Identify when a person may be a danger to themselves or others and take steps to preserve life
  • Recognize the early signs for mental health problems and provide help to prevent more serious problems from developing
  • Provide comfort to someone with a mental health problem and support them in recovering their mental health

Course Format:

There are two options for certification:

Option A: Standard Certification (12-hours), OR
Option B: Adults Who Interact with Youth Certification (14-hours)
(Please note: participants may take one or the other, but not both.)

An additional ½ day follow-up session is also recommended for supervisors who have completed either of the certification courses.

Course Descriptions:

A. Standard Certification (12-hours):  Mental Health First Aid Canada is a 12-hour training course delivered in four modules over 2 days (or 4 half-days). Course content focuses on adults with mental health problems.

  • Participants must attend all 12 hours to be certified. No exceptions.
  • Antirequisite: the 14-hour certification course for adults who interact with youth.

B. Adults who Interact with Youth Certification (14-hours): This is a 14-hour Mental Health First Aid certification course that focuses on the unique aspects of mental health in youth ages 12-24.

  • This course is available to staff and leaders whose primary clients are between the ages of 12-24.
  • Participants must attend all 14 hours to be certified. No exceptions.
  • Antirequisite: the 12-hour standard certification course.

Follow-up Session for Supervisors:  After completing certification, participants who supervise staff or faculty as part of their role at Western are asked to attend an additional ½ day module for Supervisors. Read more...

Who should take the course:

Mental Health First Aid training is available to staff, faculty and leaders at Western.  Please review the certification options and discuss your plans to attend with your supervisor prior to registering for a course.


Course costs are covered by Western Human Resources, and are offered at no charge to participants.



This program is not currently available for registration. 




Please contact Cara Carson, Human Resources Specialist, Learning & Development Services, at if you require information in advance or in an alternate format, or if any other arrangements are required to make this training accessible to you.

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