Vaccination Requirements

As noted in your offer letter, you cannot begin work until you have demonstrated compliance with Western’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.

Steps to Provide Proof of Vaccination

1.  Activate Your Western Identity

If you do not currently have an @uwo email, you will need to activate your Western Identity:

  1. Once your signed offer letter has been returned and your hire has been entered on the Human Resources Information System, obtain your Western Employee Identification Number either by contacting your Unit Administrator or Human Resources.
  2. Activate your identity and email by following the instructions at What is Your Western Identity and How to Get Started (Employee section).
  3. After activating your account, you will be instructed to enroll in multi-factor authentication (MFA).

2.  Upload Proof of Vaccination Status

Once your @uwo email is active, you will receive an email with the subject line “Action Required: Mandatory COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Status” with instructions to submit your proof of vaccination as per Western’s policy.

Accommodation Requests

Following the directive from the Council of Ontario Medical Officers of Health, only in rare circumstances may individuals be granted an exemption for medical reasons and other grounds protected under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Individuals granted an exemption will be required to undergo testing, with test results submitted to the University. More information and access to the forms required for this request can be found at Mandatory Proof of Vaccination and Policy.

Where accommodation has been requested and is under review or has been granted, you will need to provide proof of two negative COVID-19 rapid antigen tests commencing one week before attending campus and will continue each week that you attend campus, as set out in the policy. Details on testing will be provided at the time an accommodation has been requested.

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