Golf Cart/Low-speed Electric Vehicle Operating Requirements

The road and path systems on campus are very much integrated within the overall City of London road system. In addition to Western University students, staff and faculty members, many London residents use the roadways daily to get to their chosen destinations. Even though our campus roadways are heavily used by many people with no connection to the university, it is still classified as private property and as a result, you are permitted to utilize golf carts, low-speed electric vehicles (LSEV) or utility vehicles during your employment and student volunteering duties.

University employees or students using golf carts to access various points on campus have a responsibility to follow safe driving practices and always drive defensively. Visibility can also be an issue to some motorists who do not expect to see a golf cart being operated within the city.

Golf Cart/LSEV Insurance and Driver Authorization

For insurance purposes, golf carts and any low-speed electric vehicles are to be registered with corporate insurance. The following information must be sent to corporate insurance at

  • Department Name
  • Contact Person
  • Year, Make, Model
  • Serial Number
  • Western owned or rented
  • If rented, the duration of the rental
  • Date of Purchase

Departments authorizing drivers of a golf cart or low-speed electric vehicle must register the driver with corporate insurance by completing a Western Driver Form.

The driver must attend training provided by Campus Safety and Emergency Services to be authorized to drive a golf cart.

The department is responsible for tracking the training and sending the list of trained people to

Safe Driving Practices that must be followed:

  1. Golf carts must only be operated by licensed, trained, and authorized employees or students of Western University
  2. Golf carts are only to be operated on university property except for:
    1. Approved crossing points and stretches of Western Road as identified on the Campus Golf Cart Use Site Plan.
  3. Golf carts are to be operated in accordance with the rules outlined within the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, the University Traffic Regulations, and City of London By-Laws, including:
    1. Must have valid Ontario driver’s license
    2. Number of passengers dependent on number of seats. Seatbelts must be worn, if equipped
    3. Cannot operate vehicle on any sidewalks
    4. Cannot operate vehicle on off-campus roadways (i.e. Western Road, Sarnia Road, Windermere Road, Richmond Street, etc…) with the exception of 2.1 noted above
    5. Obey all traffic control signs and signals (i.e. stop signs, red and amber traffic signals, etc…)
    6. Signal all turns and stop
    7. Maintain due care and attention while operating vehicle and provide reasonable consideration for other persons using roadway
  4. Golf carts must be equipped with a functioning horn. If not originally on the cart one must be installed or be accessible to driver
  5. Speeding, disobeying posted signs, unsafe turns and any other aggressive driving practices will not be tolerated
  6. Always assume that other drivers do not see you. Whenever you are required to cross a roadway or interact with any motorists, establish eye contact. Look at that driver and establish that they are looking back and sees you
  7. Golf carts must be driven in a safe manner and stay on paths and roadways when possible
  8. Golf carts should only be operated with passengers when such passenger is a Western employee or student
  9. Golf carts must be secured when not in use and have the keys removed or there may be a risk insurance may not cover a claim
  10. Where there are no indicators, drivers are required to utilize arm signals for turns and stopping and must ensure that these arms signals are seen
  11. Drivers must alert pedestrians when approaching from behind and use additional caution and care when passing close to pedestrians
  12. Golf carts must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instruction
  13. Before using the golf cart, it must be inspected for defects and defects must be corrected prior to being used
  14. All accidents or incidents must be reported to your supervisor and the accident-incident reporting procedure followed.

In summary, all golf cart operators are expected to act responsibly, drive defensively and be courteous to other drivers and pedestrians. They must obey all rules and regulations. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep our campus safe.

See the Campus Golf Cart Use Site Plan

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