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Preparing to meet with a Sun Life Retirement Consultant or your advisor

Book a Sun Life Meeting

Sun Life Retirement Consultants are available for consultation in-person, by phone, or by videoconference. To book a meeting call 1-866-224-3906 and choose option 1 to speak with a Sun Life Consultant.

Before you finalize your decision to retire, it is best to have planned out your next steps so there are no surprises.  Western offers the opportunity to attend a pre-retirement planning workshop up to10 years before you plan to retire and we also encourage you to consider a planning discussion with a Pension & Benefits Consultant from Western Human Resources. 

See the Retirement Ready Checklist for a list of the actions you can take as your retirement approaches.

If you are meeting with a Sun Life Retirement Consultant  the following list will help you prepare.

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It is up to you how much information you choose to share with your Sun Life Retirement Consultant or advisor, however the more open you can be, the better they will be able to assist you.  Please note that these meetings are confidential.  Western does not receive any identifying information from Sun Life.