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Pension Plan Services at Sun Life Financial

Access your account at Sun Life Financial

- Active employees may use their Western user ID and password on the Pension Plan login page at Western.

- All members can go directly to and use their Sun Life access ID and password to login.

- Your account number is 03479 followed by your 9-digit Western ID number.

- Please note – the first time you access your account at Sun Life you must register. Learn more.

Need assistance?  Please contact the Sun Life Customer Care Centre at 1-866-733-8612.

Western Pension Plan members have access to a full range of services, tools, and information at Sun Life Financial, including:

Western’s Joint Pension Board retains oversight of the plan and continues to select the best investments for members, as it has done since 1969.  In 2014 Western selected Sun Life as preferred provider of a Retirement Income Fund (RIF) for Western retirees, and in 2017, Pension Plan services were also transitioned to Sun Life.  Sun Life is the largest provider of defined contribution pension plans in Canada and has 27 universities among its clients.

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* Total fees include investment management fees, custodian fees and fund operating expenses

Registering for access to your account at Sun Life

Good to know: Your Sun Life account number is 03479, followed by your nine digit Western employee ID number.

The first time you login to your account, either through the Western login page (using your Western credentials) or directly at, you will be asked to verify your identity and register. Here is information you may be required to provide:

If you have any questions or require help to register, please contact the Sun Life Customer Care Centre at 1-866-733-8612 any business day between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.

Background on Western’s Transition to Sun Life Financial

Effective January 1, 2017, delivery of most services associated with the Western Pension Plans were transitioned to Sun Life Financial. The move was made to provide an exceptional member experience: innovative financial planning tools, self-service technology and investment advice. The changes brought many new benefits while allowing Western to continue to offer:

Additionally, through Sun Life, Western is now offering access to improved member services, including:

In January 2017, members received a welcome letter from Sun Life containing their new account number, allowing them to register and receive their access ID and password. Members were reminded that:

Members were also encouraged to: