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Your pension savings could be your most important financial asset. The decisions you make about your pension savings can have a big impact on your retirement income down the road.  Your decisions and responsibilities as a member include deciding what investments are right for you, and whether you wish to increase your savings using additional voluntary contributions to make your savings grow faster.

Sun Life Financial provides day-to-day member services and administration of the Plan on behalf of Western. They can provide helpful information, advice and assistance with managing your account. You’ll find detailed account information and many great resources on the member website at

In addition to resources on the Sun Life website, some helpful Plan and Investment resources, outlined below, are also available on the Western Pension website.

About Your Plan

About the Investments Available in your Plan

Ihe most comprehensive information on the investments available for your Western Pension Plan, as well as investment advice are available from Sun Life Financial.

The following documents and information on the Western website may also be helpful:

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