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Target Date Fund 2018 is now closed

The Target Date 2018 Segregated Fund (TDF 2018), a Western Pension Plan fund, matured earlier this year as expected, and is now closed. On June 28, 2018 Sun Life issued a final letter to Western Pension Plan members who did not actively select a new investment for the proceeds from their maturing Target Date 2018 holdings. Read more.

Liquidating Trust units have matured and the fund is closed - check your investments

Pension Plan members who continued to hold Liquidating Trust (LT) in their pension account as of June 2017, were advised to make an investment change, because, as anticipated, units held in the Liquidating Trust had substantially matured. Read more.

Diversified Bond Segregated Fund – investment change

In May 2017 Western’s Joint Pension Board completed a review of the Diversified Bond Segregated Fund and agreed to make a change to one of the underlying mandates. Read more.

Canadian Equity Segregated Fund – manager and investment changes

In March 2017 Western’s Joint Pension Board undertook a review of the Canadian Equity Segregated Fund and agreed to make a change to the structure and underlying manager mandates of the Fund.

Read more.

Improved services with transition to Sun Life Financial

In January 2017, most Western Pension Plan services transitioned to Sun Life Financial. The changes bring improved members services including daily valuation - the ability to see your current balances and changes to your investments on any business day, more in-depth details about the holdings in your plan, the introduction of mobile services, the ability to do more transactions via phone, and the availability of investment advice. 

Read more about the changes

New SRI Portfolio Management - October 2016

In concert with Western's plan to improve pension operations and services for members by consolidating a number of services at Sun Life Financial, Western has selected a new advisor for the Socially Responsible Global Investment Fund - MFS Investment Management on October 1, 2016. MFS has replaced Aberdeen Asset Management which had managed the fund since March 2008.  Read more about the change.

Remedy payments for Pension Plan errors

Remedial payments to correct an error in the calculation of the value of some investments in Western Pension Plan accounts have now been made. Read more.