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Canadian Equity Segregated Fund Changes

In March 2017 Western’s Joint Pension Board undertook a review of the Canadian Equity Segregated Fund and agreed to make a change to the structure and underlying manager mandates of the Fund.  The Board affirmed its beliefs in diversification by investment style and that there is significant opportunity to add value (experience returns above the benchmark) with active management of Canadian equities focusing on the largest Canadian companies.

The Board believes these goals can be achieved by changing from a three-manager structure to a two-manager  structure and by making an adjustment to the underlying component funds.  To that end, the following changes were made at the end of March 2017:

  1. Greystone Managed Investments was removed as a manager of the fund and;
  2. Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd. (CC&L) continues to manage a portion of the fund, however the CC&L fund is now the Q Growth fund (previously Q Core).

The new mix retains the existing Beutel Goodman Canadian Fundamental Equity fund and increases the target allocation from 33 1/3% to 50%.  The remaining 50% is allocated to the CC&L Q Growth fund.

Funds affected include the Canadian Equity Segregated Fund, Diversified Equity Segregated Fund, Balanced Income and Balanced Growth.  No action is required by Pension Plan members investing in these options, but as always, members are encouraged to regularly review their holdings to ensure they remain appropriate for your goals and risk tolerance.