Investing During Market Turmoil

Following on the heels of the longest bull market in history, uncertainty brought about by COVID-19 is creating challenging market conditions. We know that volatility is unsettling, but there is little that anyone can predict about where the markets are going and on what timeline. A diversified mix of investments, which is found in the portfolios of most Western’s pension plan members, is likely still the best option for long term investors.

The current volatility may raise questions for you about the status of your investments and pension savings. Western’s Joint Pension Board continues their strong oversight of the plans, and they have the support of our professional internal investment team, Sun Life Financial, and the external investment consultants at Mercer Canada.

Sun Life is Ready to Help

As the administrator of Western’s pension plans, Sun Life Financial has some good resources to help you understand historical market turmoil and to provide answers to some of your questions. Please review the following resources, and if you still have questions or require more information, you can contact Sun Life directly.  Ask to speak with an Investment Advice Specialist if you’d like advice on the investment options available for your Western pension plan. The Sun Life phone number is 1-866-733-8612.


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