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Operational Excellence Series

The Operational Excellence Series supports Western employees who are involved in the administration  of people, financial or other processes within an academic or support unit.  This is a practical program focused on increasing your knowledge, skills and proficiency in the administrative aspects of your role.

Program Overview

The program consists of a variety of workshops in five streams:

Courses are delivered in person, on campus, and range from one to three hours in length. Repeat courses will be offered in the future; frequency will vary by course. Presenters are subject experts from Human Resources, Financial Services, Faculty Relations and other units. Course resources will be available online. As a participant you are encouraged to complete individual workshops that are applicable to your current role.

Successful completion of each course includes: completing course pre-work as applicable, attending the in-class session, and achieving 70% or higher on an online quiz in OWL following the in-class session.

Your successful completion of each course will be noted on your electronic Human Resources training record, which can be viewed via My Human Resources.

Who should participate

Operational Excellence Series courses are offered to help you perform the work that is currently a part of your role at Western. If you have accountability for financial and human resource administration within your faculty, ancillary unit or support unit at Western, a number of these workshops will be helpful to you.  Depending on the topic, participants may include those in UWOSA, PMA-eligible, or other roles. 

Each course focuses on specific job functions. Please review the course descriptions to determine the fit with your current role. If you are unsure of which courses to take, please discuss with your leader.

Upcoming Courses

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Financial Risk Management, Controls and Accountabilities (OPER2) - Jan. 23
Fundamentals of Financial Services (OPER5) - Jan. 31
General Ledger Inquiries - Western Financials (OPER12) - Jan. 8
Online Journal Entries - Western Financials (OPER1) - Jan. 15
Understanding Western's Safe Disclosure Policy (OPER15) - Feb. 27
Graduate Student Appointment Processing (OPER6) - ONLINE MODULE
Not Currently Scheduled
Not Currently Scheduled
Your Role in Protecting Corporate Information (OPER17) - Jan. 17

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Course costs are covered by Western Human Resources, and are offered at no charge to participants.

For more information

Cara Carson, Human Resources Specialist
t: 519-661-2111 ext. 85581