Human Resources

Past Leaders' Forum Topics

Topics addressed to date include:

February 2018
Internationalization at Western

November 2017
Experiential Learning at Western; Input to Selection Committee - Provost & VP (Academic)

February 2017
What is Leader Character and How Does it Influence How We Lead; Gerard Seijts

November 2016
Excellence Through Collaboration, featuring BrainsCAN

April 2016
Sexual Violence

February 2016
Rapid Transit & Western

November 2015
Western's Budget Model and Finances

April 2015
Adapting to the 'New Global Normal' in Canada; Kevin Lynch

February 2015
Be Extraordinary: Taking Charge of our Destiny; Kelly Cole

November 2014
An Economic Outlook: Global to Local; Douglas Porter

April 2014
Leadership Lessons & Reflections; Peter Devlin

March 2014
University Education in the 21st Century; Alastair Summerlee

November 2013
Mental Health at Work: Fostering a Supportive Workplace; Stephane Grenier

April 2013
Measurement for Success – WE SPEAK: Faculty & Staff Survey

January 2013
Building the Research-Intensive University

November 2012
Renewing Western’s Strategic Plan

April, 2012
Leading for a Vibrant Future; John Izzo, PhD

January, 2012
Imagine Western: The Future of Our Campus; Sustainability and Master Plan

November, 2011
Telling Western’s Story, Supporting Western’s Campaign

Sept, 2011
Learning beyond the classroom: methods, benefits and your role

April, 2011
Communicating Western to the World; Do our key messages and our visual identity express what is important to us?

February, 2011
Leadership on Trial, the role of leadership in global economic crisis

December, 2010
Teamwork: Building World-Class Research at Western

October, 2010
Update on Western’s Strategic Directions

May, 2010
Leadership for a Safe and Respectful Environment: Leaders’ New Accountabilities Under Bill 168--Amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act

March, 2010
University and Community Dialogue: Collaborating for Mutual Success

December, 2009
What Keeps Us Awake at Night; What Brings us Back to Work Each Day

October, 2009
Dialogue with our New President, Amit Chakma

March, 2009
Collegial Leadership – President Paul Davenport

December, 2008
Modeling Leadership: Being Clear About Goals, Principles and Practices in Uncertain Times

October, 2008
The Changing World of Post-Secondary Education: Strengthening Western's Strategic Advantage

May, 2008
Building the Research Intensive University: Western's Strategic Directions

March, 2008
The Graduate Student Experience

January, 2008
Safe Campus Community - Leaders' Role

November, 2007
Defining and Supporting a Culture of Respect

October, 2007
Courtney Pratt on Leadership

April, 2007
NSSE and the Student Voice: Understanding “Student Experience", "Student Engagement" and How These are Measured

March, 2007
Moving into the Blue: Ways to Influence Workplace Culture

January, 2007
Western as a Workplace: 2007 Culture Survey Results

November, 2006
Leadership Talent: Identifying it and Developing it

October, 2006
A New Master Plan for Western: Consultation Opportunity for Leaders

April, 2006
Using Western's Campus Communications Survey and Culture Survey Results to Increase Workplace Engagement

March, 2006
The Invisible Risk: Leaders' role in protecting Western's electronic information

February, 2006
Seek, Select, Get Set to Go: Hiring Talent and Supporting Performance

December, 2005
Dialogue on Western's Strategic Plan

November, 2005
Strategic Directions for Western: Our Academic Vision and Emerging Issues

May, 2005
Enhancing the student experience

April, 2005
Western's culture - What's changed since 2000

February, 2005
Orienting new faculty

December, 2004
How to make London a "Creative City"

November, 2004
Western's identity

April, 2004
Leadership and Vision at Western

March, 2004
Meeting the Communications Challenge: The Results of Western ’s Employee Communications Research

February, 2004
How to Influence Workplace Culture: Learning from Each Other

December, 2003
Western’s Organizational Culture

October, 2003
President’s Priorities for 2003-2004: Vision for Western–Leading Together

June, 2003
Readiness for the Increased Cohort and Undergraduate Reform: An Update

March, 2003
Academic and Administrative Recruitment and Hiring: Employment Law and Hiring Decisions

February, 2003
The Research Intensive University: What It Means to All of Us

January, 2003
Personal Leadership, with Ron Yamada, MDS and Western Board Member

October, 2002
Aspects of Organizational Culture at Western: Collaborative Ventures

June, 2002
Human Rights Issues in the Workplace

March, 2002
The Increased Cohort and Undergraduate Reform: Implications for Units and for the University as a Whole

January, 2002
UWO Successes in Involving Staff in Change and Development

October, 2001
Distributed Leadership: Presentation by Chancellor Eleanor Clitheroe

June, 2001
What we Mean by Leadership: Best Practices in Leadership at UWO

May, 2001
UWO’s Values-Behaviours-Accountabilities Approach