Western Staff and Leaders' ConferenceWestern University

Ami Vitale

ami vitaleRhinos, Rickshaws & Revolutions

Thurs. Feb. 22, 9:00am - 10:15am
Social Science Centre (SSC), room 2050

Working in more than 90 countries, through the war in Kosovo to tense border disputes between India and Pakistan, Ami Vitale has lived in mud huts, traveled via rickshaw, and even donned a panda suit to live the story. Recently, she has covered groundbreaking efforts to reintroduce endangered animals to the wild to halt the threat of extinction. 

After more than a decade covering conflict, Ami couldn’t help but notice that the less sensational stories were often not getting told: the wedding happening around the corner from the revolution, tiny triumphs amidst seemingly endless devastation. As a result, she re-committed herself to seeking out the stories within and around “the story.”

Join us to see the world through the eyes of a photojournalist whose career has brought her face-to-face with violence as well as the enduring power of the human spirit. (Photo credit: Sarah Isaacs)


Widely recognized, Ami Vitale has won the Daniel Pearl Award for Outstanding Reporting, the Lowell Thomas award for Travel Journalism, and numerous awards from World Press Photo. Published in Time, Newsweek, Smithsonian, Geo, National Geographic, Vitale has recently been the subject of two TV series on the National Geographic Channel.

Ami is a founding member of Ripple Effect Images, an Ambassador for Nikon and a contract photographer with National Geographic magazine. She lectures and teaches workshops throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and her work is exhibited in museums, galleries, and private collections worldwide.