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The Optional Life insurance program provides for a benefit upon death while actively employed at Western. In recognition of families with various needs for life insurance, a member of the program may choose the amount of benefit needed (in $50,000 benefit increments) up to $500,000. As family situations change, members may apply for more or less life insurance. The cost of the life insurance will vary depending on the member’s gender, age and smoking habits. If a member chooses to increase the life insurance benefit beyond the enrolment period, he/she may be required to complete a health questionnaire.

Members with a spouse or eligible dependent children may choose to insure their lives with $40,000 payable on the spouse’s death and $10,000 payable on each child’s death, if death occurs while actively employed at Western.

Further, a member may choose additional accidental death and dismemberment insurance for both himself/herself and/or his/her family, which provides for a benefit up to $250,000 upon the member’s death by accident and/or benefits if the member should lose a limb, eye and a variety of other consequences of accidents.

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The life and accident insurance coverage outlined above will cease when the employment contract ends or when you reach your Normal Retirement Date.

The definition of a Dependent for the Dependent Life and Voluntary Personal Accident Insurance Plan is outlined below:


A spouse is defined as a person who is a resident of Canada, legally married to the employee or, although not legally married, has continuously cohabited in a common-law like relationship of the same or opposite sex with the employee for not less than one full year.

Dependent Children:

A dependent child is defined as a resident of Canada, unmarried (including legally adopted children, foster or step-children), not engaged in full-time employment, dependent on you for financial support under the age of 21 unless the child is registered as a full-time student in which case the child must be under the age of 25 or if incapable of self support due to mental or physical infirmity which began while the child was covered as the Employee’s dependent will continue to be eligible.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Life insurance provides tax free benefits upon your death to support your family and estate for financial burdens resulting from your death. If you are the primary income earner for your family, you will need to consider your family’s ability to continue to sustain their lifestyle and savings goals for a period of time following your death. You will also need to consider what levels of debt are supported by your on-going earnings and how much may be needed to pay off that debt following your death. Consider other sources of insurance and payments upon your death including mortgage insurance and pension plan benefits.

Here is a Life Insurance needs worksheet designed by the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education