Work at the WEC

WEC 2018-2019 Volunteer Job Description

WEC Volunteers have an enthusiastic interest and personal dedication to health and wellness, including making healthy, responsible lifestyle choices. They have equally outstanding teamwork and independent work skills: WEC Volunteers must be able to reliably complete tasks independently while also supporting and actively participating in a collaborative environment of student staff members.

Training occurs continuously on the job, but also includes:

WEC Volunteers will work a minimum of 6 hours per week in the areas of Front Desk and Communications.

WEC Front Desk and Communications Job Descriptions

WEC Front Desk 

  • Help all Western students (undergraduate, graduate, professional) connect with the health and wellness resources available on- and off-campus.
  • Continually investigate and communicate a deep knowledge of the resources and wellness activities available at the Wellness Education Centre, at Western, and in the London community.
  • Maintain the front desk of the Wellness Education Centre by answering phones, engaging in confidential conversations with clients, responding appropriately to sensitive information and personal disclosures, making referrals to wellness resources on and off campus (may involve escorting students to location of referral on campus)
  • Complete day-to-day WEC tasks (create calendars, slideshows, update resources, etc.)
  • Communicate empathy and demonstrate active listening skills to understand and affirm students’ perspectives without giving personal advice or endorsing particular products.
  • Manage own stress levels in order to remain calm, supportive, and resourceful when responding to a student in crisis.
  • Take initiative to approach a client in a caring, respectful manner when the client is struggling to ask for help.
  • Confidently communicate the goals, activities, and resources at the Wellness Education Centre through leading impromptu tours of the WEC and answering email inquiries.
  • When not actively helping clients, assist staff members working in other areas.

WEC Communications

  • Research, design, and produce engaging resources that educate students and other members of the Western community about how take charge of their wellness and how to support students’ mental health.
  • Design and produce promotional materials for the Wellness Education Centre
  • Promote the Wellness Education Centre on campus (e.g., booths, fairs) and via social media
  • Contribute posts to the Wellness Education Centre facebook page
  • Create high quality social media posts, graphics, designs, posters, videos, and/or photography
  • Develop wellness education curriculum and workshops
  • Receive training to deliver wellness presentations and workshops
  • Confidently communicate the goals, activities, and resources at the Wellness Education Centre through answering email and telephone inquiries.

Application Instructions:

Submit your resume and cover letter to to apply.

Use your cover letter to explain:

  • Why you would like to work at the Wellness Education Centre.
  • How you will contribute your knowledge and experience to successfully complete the specific tasks listed in the job description.
  • What you would like to learn as a result of working at the Wellness Education Centre.

Consideration for an interview begins immediately upon receiving your application.
If you are invited to advance to the interview round, you will be contacted to schedule the interview within 5 business days of submitting your application.