Move Your Mind (NEW starting October 1, 2018)

"Make a plan to get active this year, at the WSRC or in your community"


Move Your Mind @ Western is a program that helps individuals get active, educates individuals on the benefits of exercise, and provides opportunities, support, and one-on-one consultations to help direct activity interests. With Move Your Mind, students are able to find a form of activity that best fits their needs, wants, and lifestyle, and supports them through an individualized process.


Leadership in Wellness Training (NEW)

"Learn about mental health, mental illness, and how you can help from a strengths-based perspective"


This 3-hour workshop gives you the tools to be a leader in wellness in your role at Western. Learn how to:

• Practice wellness in your daily life

• Promote wellness in your professional role

• Refer individuals struggling with their mental health to professional support

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

• Describe the elements of – and challenge misconceptions about - mental health and mental illness

• Apply tools and resources to identify students in distress and support them in accessing appropriate resources

• Explore creative ways to encourage help-seeking of students who are less likely to request support

• Recognize the unique strengths and needs of students who identify with marginalized sociodemographic groups by examining their individual experiences related to mental health, wellness, and navigating challenges among our diverse campus community.

Stress Management


This 2-hour workshop helps you anticipate and identify sources of stress in your life, and introduce you to strategies to avoid or minimize stress. Reflect on your current state of resilience and adapt your stress management strategy.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

• Identify the five factors of resilience (Brecher, 2017)

• Develop their personal model of resilience

• Describe 3 types of stress management strategies

• Apply one proactive and one reactive stress management strategy to their own life



This 2-hour workshop gives you the tools to create an everyday and emergency self-care plan.

Learning Outcomes
Participants will:

• Identify past barriers to self-care in their own life

• Make a plan for moving past identified barriers to practice self-care in the future

• Evaluate which behaviours in their life contribute to and detract from their health and wellness

• Build a self-care maintenance plan

• Build an emotional emergency kit

LEP Tier 1 - Mental Wellness: Understanding, Listening, and Referring

Thriving in Action

For graduate students: (Oct 17-Dec 12) – 2 hrs/week + homework