Wellness Award

Leadership In Wellness Award of Recognition. Applications open January 31, 2018. Nominate your professor for promoting the mental health of students in their daily work.

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Award Description

The Leadership in Wellness Award of Recognition recognizes Western faculty members who promote the mental health of their students in their daily work at Western.

Terms and Conditions

2017 Winners

2017 Leadership in Wellness Award Winners

Dr. Louis Charland
  • Professor, Rotman Institute of Philosophy member; Department of Philosophy; School of Health Studies.
  • Teaching areas: spirituality, healing, and health.
  • Research interests: mental health diagnosis, addiction.
  • Dr. Charland conducts his classes in a calm, welcoming environment. He encourages self development and improvement, self reflection, and mindfulness.
  • In his HS4051 class, he dedicated a whole unit to mindful meditation; the last 20 minutes was spent meditating as a class.
Faculty pages: http://www.uwo.ca/philosophy/people/charland%20.html and http://www.uwo.ca/fhs/shs/people/faculty/charland_l.html

Dr. Claire Crooks and Dr. Karen Bax (Team Nomination) 
  • Dr. Claire Crooks: Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education and Director, Centre for School Mental Health: http://www.edu.uwo.ca/faculty-profiles/claire-crooks.html
    • Co-developer of the Fourth R program, an evidence-based healthy relationships program: www.youthrelationships.org
    • Particular emphasis on strengths-based programming for Indigenous youth.
  • Dr. Karen Bax: Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Education and Director, Mary J. Wright Research and Education Centre at Merrymount: http://www.edu.uwo.ca/faculty-profiles/karen-bax.html
    • Research area: Social-emotional learning and self-regulation of children who have experienced adversity.
    • Practicum Supervisor: School and Applied Child Psychology.
    • Recently awarded $1 million by the Public Health Agency of Canada to explore the benefit of teaching social and emotional learning techniques to children and parents, and studying the resultant outcomes: http://www.edu.uwo.ca/news-events/2017/mindfulness.html

Thomas Haffie 
  • Lecturer in the Department of Biology.
  • Previous positions at Western include the Learning Development Coordinator for the Faculty of Science and the Faculty Associate for Science in the Teaching Support Centre.
  • Founder and Coordinator of the Western Conference on Science Education.
  • Teaching Fellow for Science in the Teaching Support Centre developing programming to engage students as partners in education.
  • Zen student, incorporating mindfulness principles and practices in his upper-year classes.
  • In his first year classes, his focus is helping students develop their attention, focus, and metacognitive skills, which are critical for their future success in university and beyond.
Faculty pages: https://www.uwo.ca/biology/directory/faculty/haffie.html and http://www.uwo.ca/biology/faculty/haffie/

Dr. Jennifer Irwin
  • Associate professor, School of Health Studies.
  • Teaching areas: health promotion; health behaviour change.
  • The Butterfly Effect random acts of kindness initiative.
  • The Health Promotion 2250 class led by Professor Jennifer Irwin started "The Butterfly Effect" random acts of kindness initiative in 2014. They have left an incredible legacy for the Western University campus by encouraging everyone to complete as many random acts of kindness as possible.
  • Dr. Irwin’s empathy and compassion for her students is exemplified in her class instruction style, positive open discussion, facilitation of #kindtagious, and self-care encouragement.
Faculty page: http://www.uwo.ca/fhs/shs/people/faculty/irwin_j.html
Facebook page for The Butterfly Effect: https://www.facebook.com/thebutterflyeffectuwo/
Article on The Butterfly Effect: http://jps.library.utoronto.ca/index.php/youthengage/article/view/Research/pdf_20

Dr. Ajit Pyati 
  • Associate Professor in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies.
  • Research areas: information equity, contemplative education and pedagogy, the role of yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness-centered practices in the academy.
  • Yoga and meditation teacher who gave free yoga classes to FIMS faculty and students, then pioneered two courses at the Wellness Education Centre: Breathe and Relax & Yoga for Stress Relief.
Faculty page: http://www.fims.uwo.ca/people/profiles/ajit_pyati.html

Dr. Susan Rodger
  • Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education.
  • Research areas: Barriers to mental health treatment, mental health literacy for teachers, teacher candidates and foster care providers, and the influence of exposure to violence on learning.
  • Pioneered the development and delivery of Mental Health Literacy- Supporting Social-Emotional Development, a mandatory class for all students in the Bachelor of Education program at Western to help them be better prepared to teach and support students with mental illness.
  • Led the development of  teachresiliency.ca a unique website filled with research-informed, online resources for teachers that she hopes will soon become the Google of school mental health:  http://www.edu.uwo.ca/news-events/2017/teach-resiliency.html
Faculty page: http://www.edu.uwo.ca/faculty-profiles/susan-rodger.html

Dr. Kevin Shoemaker and Dr. Alan Salmoni (Team Nomination) 
Dr. Thomas Telfer
  • Professor of Law at Western.
  • Research and Teaching areas: bankruptcy law, commercial law, contracts and legal history.
  • An outspoken advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, and decreasing the stigma of mental illness, sharing his story widely at Western and in the community: https://www.sjhc.london.on.ca/our-stories/nobody-wants-talk-about-it
  • Offering mindfulness education to Western Law Students through a non-credit course and drop in sessions.
  • Member of Western Student Mental Health Advisory Committee.
  • Member of Zero Suicide Implementation Committee, St. Joseph’s Healthcare.
  • Faculty Liaison on Mental Health and Wellness at Western Law.
Faculty page: http://law.uwo.ca/about_us/our_people/faculty/thomas_telfer.html