To create a university campus that is resilient and cares about mental health and wellness, where students receive support as needed, where talking and learning about mental health reduces and eliminates the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and where we build a more supportive and inclusive campus environment to enhance all students’ potential for success.

Goals and Priorities

To cultivate institutional commitment for student mental health at all levels of the university

  • Ensure that mental health is identified as a priority through the University’s strategic goals, mission, financial commitments, value statements, policies, and protocols.

To sustain and strengthen student resiliency

  • Ensure that every student receives mental health and wellness education through course curricula and/or co-curricular content during their studies at Western.
  • Increase and enhance training and supports for student helpers, student leaders, and student mentors across campus.

To increase knowledge and awareness of mental health prevention

  • Provide tools and resources to support administrative leaders, faculty, staff, teaching assistants, and students in identifying signs and symptoms of student distress.

To advance practice and policy that promote resiliency and wellness

  • Explore opportunities across campus for students to learn and practice stress reduction strategies such as mindfulness meditation as a method of stress management and building resiliency.

To increase capacity and accessibility to support and provide service to students with mental health conditions

  • Reduce the fragmentation and ‘siloing’ of student mental health services through the integration of student mental health and wellness services into a Health and Wellness Centre.
  • Support campus capacity for 24/7 mental health crisis response.

To improve and increase access to mental health and wellness prevention and intervention data

  • Increase data collection and assessment of key indicators of student mental health and wellness – Electronic Health Record.

Guiding Principles

1. Student health exists on a continuum and is affected by the physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental, and spiritual dimensions of health.

2. Mental health and wellness critical to all students':
  • academic and personal success
  • learning and productivity
  • ability to reach their full potential
  • ability to participate and engage meaningfully in school and life activities
3. Everyone on campus has a role to play in supporting students, including students assisting and supporting each other.

4. Students must be involved in the consultation, design, and ongoing support of the services, programs, and policies that will ultimately affect them.

5. Through targeted, effective, and accessible programs, services, and supports students can better achieve their academic and personal goals and maintain their wellness throughout their university experience.

News and Updates

Background Information

Western Mental Health and Wellness Strategic Plan

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Western's Student Mental Health and Wellness Strategic Plan - FAQs


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