Dietitian Services at Western University

Gut Healthy Dietitian

Gut Healthy Dietitian will be providing dietitian services on-campus for students, faculty, and staff through Health and Wellness Services at Thames Hall.

We offer 1:1 nutrition counselling for a wide variety of nutrition conditions including general healthy eating, digestive conditions (e.g., IBS, IBD, reflux), hormonal conditions (e.g., PCOS), chronic disease, sports nutrition, and specialized diets (plant-based, gluten-free). We also offer meal planning and custom nutrition plans.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in research and providing the most current and innovative nutrition recommendations. There is so much misleading nutrition advice available that it can easily become confusing and overwhelming. Let us work through the misinformation and let you focus on making positive changes!

We take an integrative approach to nutrition that blends evidence-based guidance with tangible recommendations that you can easily apply to your life. Most of all, we believe in providing realistic recommendations that work for you, and the importance of collaboration between the dietitian and client.

Dietitian services are covered by the Western student health plans as well as through other extended health benefit plans.

Contact us today by email or phone at 519-661-2047 to book an appointment!

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