Testimonials from 2017-2018 Nice Exchange Program Students

Hear from the 2017-2018 exchange students in Nice!

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Unforgettable, life changing experience in the South of France. Best year of my life.

Ana Tasic

Really helped me improve my French, met lifelong friends and tried some amazing food.


The Nice Exchange has allowed me to grow, change, and learn in ways I could have never imagined. I saw and experienced incredible things that I would not have gotten to do had stayed at home. I would recommend an exchange to anyone willing to open their horizons, try new experiences, and change the way they see our world.

Jasia Carroll-Woolery

A life changing experience! A great way to improve your French, learn more about the culture, and experience the beauty of the world around you. Le monde est à vous !!


This exchange has been an eye-opener. I’m so happy I had the chance to discover new cultures and to learn more about myself!


This exchange has benefited my French language skills and shown me that I am capable of living and studying in a francophone country. It has also provided me with many opportunities to travel and broaden my cultural horizons.


I have learned a lot about myself and gained a great sense of individuality. Travelling has been a truly life-changing experience.