Third Year in Nice Exchange Program Checklist

Please note that the information listed on this site is subject to change without notice and that only the governing body websites (the French Consulate, Passport Canada, CROUS, U of Nice, etc.) can be considered as definitive sources of information regarding specific documentation requirements.

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1. Apply for a passport (as soon as possible)

2. Apply at the University of Nice (deadline May 31st)

  1. Fill in the Application to the University of Nice. Click here for Guidelines to complete the application.
  2. Meet with the academic advisor of your institution in order to fill out the Learning Agreement:
  3. Submit the hardcopy to the appropriate department (Western students: submit the copy to the Department of French Studies)

3. Registrer with the CROUS (as soon as you have the Letter of Acceptance from Nice)

4. Obtain a Student 3B Visa (as soon as you have the Letter of Acceptance from Nice and from your home university)

5. Gather the following documents (as soon as possible)

NOTE: you might need to get a French translation of these documents done in France, but the translation has not always been required in recent years.

  • Long form of birth certificate. It is likely that you need it for obtaining your Carte de séjour and other documents in France.
  • Proof of Provincial Health coverage
  • Proof of supplementary health insurance (OHIP, UHIP or parent’s out of country coverage)
  • Passport-size photos: for Carte de séjour, registration at the university and other administrative matters. For the visa application, be sure to follow the photo guidelines in the application package.
  • Financial guarantee (you must show that you have $1000 for every month abroad; if possible, your letter should show both the Dollar amount and the Euro equivalent on the date of signature.) 
  • Vaccination card (up-to date) 
  • Letter of acceptance from the University of Nice: you can expect to receive this in June, once your application to the University has been processed

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