Linguistics 2288A
Introductory General Linguistics

Course Description

After introducing the basic tools for analyzing language (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics), this course illustrates common linguistic phenomena in each of these areas. Students will also apply their analytical skills to data from a variety of languages. The main type of evaluation is, therefore, problem solving either through homework assignments or in class tests.

Course Materials: 

Mandatory: Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: an introduction, 8th edition. Edited by William O’Grady and John Archibald (2016) Pearson/Longman: Toronto.

Optional: Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: an introduction, study guide, 8th edition. Edited by William O’Grady and John Archibald, prepared by Teresa Merrells (2016) Pearson/Longman: Toronto.


Term Tests (2):  40%

Homework Assignments (4): 30%   

Final Exam: 30%