French 2405A
French and Francophone Cultures:
The History and Politics of Quebec

Prerequisites: French 1900E or French 1910 or French 1999 or permission of the Department of French Studies, based on Placement Test.


French 2405A is a course designed to give students a better knowledge and understanding of French Canada, with an emphasis on the province of Quebec.

For the Fall Term 2018, the topics covered are:

  • the geography and climate of the province
  • the history of French Canada
  • the nature of the French language in Canada
  • the role of the Church and its influence
  • the evolution of the educational system
  • the political history of Quebec

The course is given entirely in French and consists of lectures incorporating digital slides, internet content and videos. This course is also recognized by the Faculty of Education as a Canadian History half-credit towards a Bachelor of Education.


By the end of the course, students will be expected to:

  • be able to identify some of the major geographical locations and other landmarks in Quebec.
  • have a basic understanding of the historical, social and political development of the province.
  • be able to identify some of the important historical, social and political figures and events throughout Quebec’s history.
  • acquire a better understanding of what it is to be Québécois, including the concepts of sovereignty, separatism, and federal and provincial nationalism.

Required Texts:

There are no required texts for the course. A web site has been created which includes the majority of the lectures. This "Internet-based textbook" has no multimedia content whatsoever. Also, in-class lectures convey more information than on the site. Students should make sure they have an active Internet account and access to OWL in order to access the web site.


  • Report and Abstract: 30%
  • Midterm Test: 25%
  • Class Attendance and Participation: 10%
  • Final Exam: 35%