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French courses found in the Academic Calendar but not listed on this page are not currently being offered. The Senate-approved Academic Calendar general course descriptions can be found on the website of the Office of the Registrar.

If you wish to receive a copy of a course syllabus from previous years, please send your request in writing to Syllabi for courses offered in the 2013-14 academic year will be available online after August 1, 2013.  If your course syllabus is not available online after August 1, 2013, please contact your professor directly.

For course descriptions, pre-requisites and anti-requisites, please consult UWO's Academic Calendar.

**Should there be any discrepancies between the departmental website and that of the Registrar's website, the latter is to be taken as true and correct.  All course information, including but not limited to textbooks and marks breakdown may be changed without notice.

French 3140: Rwanda: Culture, Society and Reconstruction (Experiential Learning)
Henri Boyi

French 3200:  Business French
Chantal Dawar

French 3201E ONLINE: Business French Writing
Chantal Dawar (Course Convenor)

French 3300: ONLINE Intensive Translation II
Ken Fanni

French 3306A: Special Topics in Translation (Theory and Techniques)
Chantal Dawar

French 3307B: Special Topics in Translation (Deceptive Cognates and Lexical Pitfalls)
Chantal Dawar

French 3309B: Special Topics in Translation (Literature and Film)
Servanne Woodward

French 3561G: Textes et contextes: le sonnet en France à la Renaissance
John Nassichuk

French 3570F: Introduction à la littérature française du XVIIe siècle
Jean Leclerc

French 3581F : Du "sentiment" et de la littérature "sentimentale" à partir du dix-huitième siècle français
Servanne Woodward

French 3600F: Ruptures et retours: la littérature française du XXe siècle
Karin Schwerdtner

French 3610F: De la bande dessinée au Graphic Novel
Daniel Vaillancourt

French 3611G: Souvenirs, photos, lieux: Écrire la photographie / écrire la mémoire
Tony Purdy

French 3700F: Introduction à la théorie littéraire
Laté Lawson-Hellu

French 3731G: Initiation à la littérature francophone d'auteurs féminins
Christine Roulston

French 3750G: Introduction à la littérature francophone mondiale
Laté Lawson-Hellu

French 3810A:  Syntax in French
Ileana Paul

French 3830B:  Phonetics and Phonology in French
François Poiré

French 3870A: History of the French Language
Mario Longtin

French 3900:  Language (Advanced Level III)
Geneviève de Viveiros, Henri Boyi, Sébastien Ruffo, Mario Longtin

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