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Lakshmi Bandlamudi
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Dmitry Bosnak
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Mykola Polyuha
Augusto Ponzio
Arnapurna Rath
Sergeiy Sandler
Carla Taban
Clive Thomson
Nikolai Vasiliev
Anthony Wall
Boguslaw Zylko

Dialogues with Bakhtinian Theory
Proceedings of the Thirteenth Mikhaïl Bakhtin International Conference



Mykola Polyuha, Clive Thomson, Anthony Wall, Editors

London, Ontario
Mestengo Press, 2012
Coll. "Interdisciplinaire", no. 1

437 pages
Format 15cm x 23cm
ISBN 978-0-9699145-2-5

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Preface (Excerpt)

"... Readers of our volume will find four overarching themes, which, we hope, give our collection a certain degree of internal coherence. In Part One, the general focus is on novelization and autobiography, in the context of studies dealing with international authors such as Fyodor Sologub, Lojze Kovačič , Raymond Federman, Amitav Ghosh, and Félix Couchoro. These particular prose writers have not previously been examined in light of Bakhtinian theory.

In Part Two, the contributions deal with topics from the fields of Music and the Visual Arts, and include discussion of paintings by Frida Khalo, of the music composed by Michael Tippett, and of the cinema of Sergei Eisenstein, Federico Fellini, Dario Argento, Alejandro Amenabar, and David Mamet. The articles focusing on cinema build on a longstanding critical tradition in which Bakhtin’s concepts have proved of immense value for the analysis of film.

The articles in Part Three tackle issues that are primarily theoretical in nature (alterity, memory, law, truth, linguistic paradigms, among others). In Part Four, we have included a set of articles which use an interdisciplinary approach to examine issues such as globalization, public and private spaces, and myth ..."

(Mykola Polyuha, Clive Thomson, Anthony Wall)