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Robert Barsky
Frederick Case
Hans Raj Dua
Maroussia Hadjukowski-Ahmed
Anne-Marie Miraglia
Arun Mukerjee
Manu Shetty
Smriti Srinivas
Clive Thomson
K. V. Tirumalesh
Anthony Wall


Dialogism & Cultural Criticism


Clive Thomson
Hans Raj Dua (editors)

London, Ontario
Mestengo Press, 1995

251 pages
Format 15cm x 23cm
ISBN 0-9699145-0-4

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Preface (excerpt)

"The articles in this collection can be seen as part of an ongoing debate within the realms of cross- or inter-cultural studies and Bakhtin Studies. Although the contributors to the volume, who work in Indian and Canadian universities, deal with a variety of topics, they share some common concerns, objectives and presuppositions. Put simply, each article, in its own way, explores how cultural forces work in society to allow for or to prevent the production of knowledge. There is therefore an overarching complementarity in these studies because their thrust is essentially epistemological. Specif texts and theoretical questions are examined in light of a problematic that is developed in the work of Mikhail Bakhtin who posited that theoretical and societal change is primarily the result of a struggle between centrifugal and centripetal forces. The articles published here admire and engage with this way of looking at culture. [...]"

(Clive Thomson and Hans Raj Dua)