Facilities Management

We Speak 2017

Thank you! Your participation in the WE SPEAK survey is impactful and I thank everyone who took time from their busy schedules to complete it.

With an 84% overall response rate, the Division surpassed our goal of 80%. This exceptional overall participation rate provides confidence in the validity of the results and in addition, the high response rate in each unit means that managers will receive information specific to their units. The results will enable us to solidify our strengths and continue our momentum for one of FM's foundational priorities - "Supporting our People, Processes and Culture”.

While our results continue to see positive movement, the Leadership team recognizes that there is always an opportunity for improvement as well as reinforcing our strengths. In addition to the university-wide and FM results, Directors and Managers will work with survey partners over the summer months to unpack and understand the results for their specific units. It is important that the roll out of our results is consistent across all units.

With busy summer schedules and a portion of our workforce on leave over the summer, our plan is to share the FM results with the entire Division once our team is back together in the Fall. After sharing the overall results, the next stages of digging deeper will include specific unit meetings and WE ACT sessions. Similar to 2012, WE ACT will provide you an opportunity to follow up on your results and develop action plans to influence and enhance our culture and level of engagement.

Questions or comments related to the WE SPEAK survey and results can be directed to your Leader or one of FM’s Survey Partners; Brandon Watson (bwatso5@uwo.ca), Kelly Seguin (kseguin7@uwo.ca), and Sabrina Tingle (spinarel@uwo.ca).

Western's results; http://www.uwo.ca/faculty_staff/wespeak/