Film Studies examines one of the most important, popular, and influential forms of media of the 20th and 21st Century. Students in Film Studies delve into the aesthetics, the history, the philosophy and the technology of film making through practical historical and theoretical courses. Film is considered from several viewpoints; including political, sociological, historical, and cultural ones – all enabling students to understand, analyze, discuss and explain film in its many forms.

Possible Careers:

  • Journalist
  • Filmmaker
  • Advertising
  • Film Critic
  • Web Designer
  • Museum staff
  • Production Designer
  • Film Editor
  • Photographer
  • Camera Assistant
  • News Anchor
  • Marketing Manager
  • Film Production Staff
  • Educator
  • Archivist

Skills Acquired:

  • Synthesizing information
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Critical examination
  • Visual perception/articulation
  • Cultural awareness
  • Problem solving
  • Production management
  • Reporting and editing
  • Technical literacy
  • Media understanding
  • Interpretation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Research Skills

Potential Work Environments:

Film Studies students learn a variety of employable skills related to many professional fields: writing, business, education, government, public relations, entertainment, cultural and heritage organizations and advertising.

Additional information about job trends, average wages and requirements, working abroad and other career options:


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