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IFCO (The Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa Inc.) Introduces Filmmaker EH!—Canada’s Only National Mobile App for Emulsion Filmmakers

Follow this link to find out how to download the Filmmaker EH! app: www.ifco.ca/filmmaker-eh-canadas-only-national-mobile-app-for-emulsion-filmmakers/

Filmmaker EH! Available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry platforms, the new mobile application provides continuously updated information from a variety of independent emulsion filmmaking resources.

The impetus for creating a mobile application that provides access to emulsion filmmaking resources is to encourage the next generation of filmmakers. People are often interested in accessing original emulsion filmmaking resources, but don’t know where to look; the Filmmaker EH! app is IFCO's response to this. IFCO sees this app as a great way to assist aspiring filmmakers to get quick and easy access to:

  • Film Training – Artist Resource Centres;
  • Film Suppliers and Service Providers;
  • Filmmaking Resources – Downloadable Templates, etc.;
  • Film Funding – Government and Industry;
  • Legal Resources for Filmmakers – Copyright and Rights Acquisition, etc.;
  • Film Festivals; Film Schools; and much more.

IFCO is excited to have this amazing opportunity to share its Filmmaker EH! app with aspiring Canuck filmmakers, film enthusiasts, film students, and anyone who is looking to find out more about emulsion based filmmaking resources.

Funding for Filmmaker EH! provided by the Government of Ontario