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Video Production

Our video production services include everything from media capture to post-production. Instructors will have access to a recording studio with professional audio and video equipment and technical support to use it. Our team also supports the creation of animated instructional videos. We ensure that all videos produced in collaboration with the DesignEd team follow basic accessibility practices, including captions.

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Voice Production

Our voice production services include access to a soundproof audio recording studio for recording narration. Our team also supports post-production and editing of audio and the generation of AI narration based on provided scripts. Microphones are also available to borrow for use in home recordings.

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Curriculum Design

We support the development of new courses or the redevelopment of existing courses, drawing on good practices for digital course design. This includes ensuring that courses have constructive alignment between learning outcomes, course content, and assessment, applying Universal Design principles to ensure inclusive learning, and crafting meaningful and authentic learning experiences. We support the development of entire courses, individual modules, specific assessments, or other components of the curriculum.

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Accessibility Audits

Being well versed in digital accessibility practices, we can review and advise on how to increase accessibility of course content, course site design, and other aspects of your courses.

elearning module

Learning Module Design

We design and create interactive learning experiences for online, blended and HyFlex courses using industry-standard software. We also maintain a library of modules on a variety of common topics that can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

educational technology consulting

Educational Technology Consulting & Problem-Solving

Finding the right tool for the right job can be daunting. Our team has a vast knowledge of the latest tools and techniques to help you build engaging courses. Whether it be WesternU- supported technology (OWL, Qualtrics, Zoom) or other tools, we can help you find the most effective and efficient solution.