Requests for Academic Accommodation

Students in the School of Health Studies seeking academic accommodation are required to meet with an academic counsellor during drop-in hours.

Preparing for an appointment:

The process:

  • The Accommodation Request Form and supporting documents will be assessed during the initial appointment and subsequent appropriate academic accommodation will be determined by the academic counsellors in consultation with the student's instructor(s)
  • Academic accommodation may include:
    • Extension of deadlines
    • Waiver of attendance requirements for classes/labs/tutorials
    • Arranging special exams or incompletes
    • Re-weighting course requirements
    • Granting late withdrawals without academic penalty

Supplemental Documentation

From Family Physicians and Walk-In Clinics

A Student Medical Certificate (SMC) is required where a student is seeking academic accommodation. This documentation should be obtained at the time of the initial consultation with the physician or walk-in clinic.

From Student Health Services

Students wishing to obtain documentation from Student Health Services are required to have a Student Medical Certificate (SMC) completed during their appointment. Students are required to pay $20.00 to have the SMC completed by their doctor.

Please Note:

  1. A meeting with an academic counsellor is a mandatory requirement to seek accommodation. Medical notes will not be accepted by School of Health Studies reception staff.
  2. Academic accommodation is not automatically approved and shall be granted only where the documentation indicates that the onset, duration and severity of the illness are such that the student could not reasonably be expected to complete his/her academic responsibilities.
  3. It will not be sufficient to provide documentation indicating simply that the student “was seen for a medical reason” or “was ill.”
  4. Medical accommodation may NOT be approved for minor illness like colds, non-acute vomiting or diarrhea, menstrual cramps, insomnia or for past illnesses.
  5. Whenever possible, students requiring academic accommodation should provide notification and documentation in advance of due dates, examinations, etc. Students must follow up with their instructors(s) in a timely manner once accommodation has been approved by the academic counsellor.