Research-Based Programs

With research-based program offerings at both the master’s and PhD levels, Western’s graduate program in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (HRS) combines disciplinary foundations with multidisciplinary breadth, providing students with an opportunity to explore issues related to physical therapy from a variety of perspectives.

Students in HRS programs work closely with world-class researchers from across the Faculty of Health Sciences’ six schools, leveraging their expertise to think strategically about health-related issues facing people around the world. The program’s flexible nature allows students to engage in research and course-based learning that will help them achieve personalized academic goals.

Master of Science (MSc) & Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programs


Administered through the Graduate Program in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, students can pursue either a Master of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Physical Therapy. These programs provide an interdisciplinary perspective on issues related to optimizing physical therapy practice and the mechanisms underlying physical mobility.

Combined Master of Clinical Science (MClSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

combined programs

Administered through the Graduate Program in Health & Rehabilitation Sciences, the combined MPT/PhD program allows students the opportunity to obtain a research-based doctoral degree and professional qualifications to practice as a registered Physical Therapist (PT). This program typically takes five years to complete, with students receiving their MPT degree after the fourth year.