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Western University is a leader in pain management, having been the first graduate program of this kind in Canada.

The Advanced Health Care Practice - Pain Management master’s program provides an advanced health care education to an interprofessional mix of health professionals. The program focuses on improving clinical effectiveness in managing complex pain using students’ real-world experiences as a platform for learning.

This program is ideal for those who are seeking new skills and expertise to enhance their own practice, and the preparation to take on leadership roles in policy development, research, academia and beyond. This program is designed for health care professionals from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy, nursing, occupational therapy, social work, psychology and others.

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Program Features

  • Receive one-on-one support and guidance from an experienced mentor during your clinical mentorship
  • Be evaluated on your professional accomplishments and through authentic learning experiences
  • Learn to apply clinical decision making skills to develop comprehensive and individualized healing plans for patients
  • Design and carry out a group research project and write a publication-ready scientific paper

Five Key Competencies

The Interprofessional Pain Management Program uses a competency-based educational framework where learners are focused on the development of core competencies until they demonstrate mastery in the eyes of an independent reviewer. This program takes learning out of the classroom, and allows students to develop competencies through a personalized mix of professional development activities, online courses and the completion of a clinical mentorship.

Through successful completion of this program, students will have demonstrated mastery of five key compentencies:

  1. Interprofessional Collaboration
  2. Self-Awareness and Reflexivity
  3. Critical Reasoning and Creative Problem-Solving
  4. Empathic Practice and Reasoning
  5. Pain Expertise

Lead. Mentor. Advocate.

Our students leave the program knowledgeable about up-to-date best practices in pain management, and with the confidence to continue to integrate innovative approaches and research into their own practice as well as other professional activities. Students learn to foster effective communication and collaboration in interprofessional settings, and advocate on behalf of their clients. Graduates from this program will have the preparation to take on leadership roles in policy development, research, academia and beyond.

See the bigger picture, advance your practice.

Graduates from the Advanced Health Care - Interprofessional Pain Management program obtain a comprehensive understanding of holistic patient-centered care. Students learn to leverage evidence-informed clinical skills together with advanced clinical reasoning to assess and manage patients with complex care needs. They readily identify opportunities for incorporating the expertise of other health care professionals. This competency-based program encourages students develop strong self-reflection skills in order to assess potential biases and ethical considerations and evaluate their impact on client care.

Dave Walton
"In pain management, it's less about the right technique because pain is a subjective experience. We're focused on developing experts with strong crtitical thinking, clinical reasoning and creativity."

Dave Walton, PhD
Lead Instructor, AHCP - Pain Management

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