NursingWestern Health Sciences

Clinical Skills Lab

One of two simulated teaching facilities utilized by the School of Nursing to enhance student learning, the Clinical Skills Lab is located in the Health Sciences Addition and helps students develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful health-care professionals.

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CSL West View

The facility includes a nurse’s station and 10-bed simulated hospital unit, giving students the feel of being in a real-world clinical setting.

CSL Northwest View

Patient simulators designed for teaching basic nursing care help facilitate the learning of many basic skills.

CSL East View

In simulated clinical learning envronments, students are able to provide nursing care in a realistic, yet safe hospital environment.

CSL Examination

The facility is equipped with an examination room and a 1-way mirror to enhance interviewing skills.

CSL Classroom

Students also receive instruction in a classroom which is incorporated into the lab facility, which enhances student learning outcomes.