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Placement FAQs

Can I find my own placement?

The Placement Office acts on behalf of students to work with all clinical partners to coordinate placements. Affiliation agreements with placement partners indicate that that all requests come from the Placement Office. Students are not permitted to find clinical placements on their own due to detailed negotiation and legal processes involved with securing placements. Students should follow-up with the Placement Office if there is a placement that is of interest to them within the South West LHIN.

Can I find my own preceptor?

Preceptor assignment is decided by the destination contact at the placement site. The potential preceptor can express their interest to precept to the destination contact. All parties involved need to ensure that it is not a conflict of interest.

What is a conflict of interest?

A conflict of interest exists if there is any form of pre-established relationship with the placement site that will interfere with carrying out professional/academic responsibilities (e.g. having family or friends working in the placement site, recent work/volunteering experience in the placement site or recent admission or treatment within the placement site).

Can I complete my placement outside the South West LHIN?

With the exception of the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, placements at the present time are within the South West LHIN. Please see the South West LHIN map on the Practice Placements main page.

Can I choose my own placement assignment?

All clinical group placements (groups of 8) are assigned to ensure students receive a diverse placement experience. The initial placement in acute care is randomly assigned and follow-up placements are assigned based on the following factors: