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Meet Michael

Meet Michael

Being part of Western's Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) was a natural fit for Michael.

Hometown: London, Ontario

Program: Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Program

Year: 4th Year

Favourite thing about Western: My favourite thing about Western is that it doesn't feel as large as it is. Even though we're a big school, it's hard to walk across campus without seeing someone you know. This place feels more like a community than a school and it's one of the reasons I've had such a good time here.

Why Nursing: I chose Nursing because of the ability we have to make a tremendous difference in someone's life. Whether it's caring for a life threatening illness or injury in an emergency situation, or reassuring a patient who is anxious about their prognosis, nurses support people through the worst times of their life and to me, that's one of the best feelings ever.

My campus/community involvement: I've always loved the adrenaline rush of emergency response, so the Student Emergency Response Team (SERT) was a natural fit for me. SERT responds 24/7 to all the medical 911 calls on campus and I've been fortunate to serve the team in a variety of roles, culminating this year as Executive Director. I've also participated in Learning it Together and the University Students' Council Early Outreach Conference, both of which are amazing ways to promote learning and postsecondary education to students in the London community. Outside of school, I volunteer with St. John Ambulance providing medical services at events in London and area.

Best place to study: The second floor of Weldon Library is my go-to study spot. I have to describe information to someone else in order for it to sink in, so having a study area where talking is allowed is key.

My favourite class: My favourite class was Functional Neuroscience in Special Populations. It coincided with my clinical placement in Neurological Rehabilitation and being able to apply what I learned in class to the patients I cared for in clinical was a very cool experience.

Best place to eat on campus: The Green Leaf Cafe is Western's best kept secret. Their all you can eat lunch buffet is delicious and the menu always changes so the food never gets boring.

Best way to meet other nursing students: It's easy to meet people in nursing because the labs and clinical groups are small, but be sure to take advantage of the huge number of clubs and teams we have as well! Getting involved in one (or more) of the many groups on campus is a great way to meet people from any program.

Three words to describe being a Nursing student at Western: Challenging. Exciting. Collaborative.

What I want to be when I grow up: I'm interested in emergency and critical nursing with the goal of becoming an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.

My favourite Western memory: SERT provides medical coverage for the Orientation Week events and every year I'm impressed with how big an effort everyone makes to welcome the new class of first year students. I make a point of attending the opening ceremonies and it's always fun to see the sophs leading in the groups from all the different residences. The energy and school spirit is contagious and it's one of the reasons why O-Week is my favourite time of year at Western.