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Meet Brianna

Meet Brianna

For Brianna, an asiago sourdough bagel with spinach and feta cream cheese from The Spoke helps fuel her studies!

Hometown: Whitby, Ontario

Program: Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Program

Year: 4th Year

Favourite thing about Western: I absolutely love Western’s spirit! You will never meet a group of people who are more enthusiastic and welcoming, than right here on our campus. Western has truly become my home away from home, and it’s because of the infectious positive energy this institution breeds. 

Why Nursing: I’ve wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember. For me, it’s the unique blend of meaningful human interaction, and fascinating scientific knowledge that drew me to this career path — it’s truly the perfect fit for the nerdy people person that I am. Knowing that I’ll be able to finish each day having learned something new, and having made a positive difference in someone’s life makes nursing the most rewarding profession I can think of.

My campus/community involvement: I’ve tried to take advantage of as much as humanly possible while at Western. This experience only comes along once, so it’s important to make the most of it! I’m a former Head Soph, Nursing Students’ Council member, and Research Assistant, but currently I serve as an Academic and Leadership Programmer (ALP) in Delaware Hall, the Early Outreach Coordinator for the University Students’ Council, a Leadership Education Program (LEP) Workshop Facilitator for the Student Success Centre, and have volunteered with the STARS Program as mentor for younger nursing students since my 2nd year.

Best place to study: I’m a total night owl, so I love studying in the Mustang Lounge in the middle of the night!  There are comfy chairs everywhere, lots of outlets to charge your laptop, and if you choose a spot on the second floor you have an amazing view of the sunrise.

My favourite class: I think my favourite class still has to be 1st year Anatomy with Dr. Belliveau. I’m a very visual learner and enjoy memorizing things, so I love any excuse to make some flashcards! I still remember lying on my bedroom floor with my label maker, highlighters, and diagrams sprawled everywhere — I was in my element.

Best place to eat on campus: Definitely the Spoke! An asiago sourdough bagel with spinach and feta cream cheese is the key to my heart.

Best way to meet other nursing students: Nursing is such a small program that it really allows you to make close connections with your classmates. I spent my first month of school learning everyone’s name, and putting in that effort made a positive impact on my 1st year experience. By simply saying "hi" and introducing myself, I suddenly had friends to study and celebrate with, which helps you keep your sanity in such a demanding program. Nursing students do have a tendency to stick to themselves because of their busy schedules, however, so it’s also important to branch out by attending campus events together!

Three words to describe being a Nursing student at Western: Challenging. Enlightening. Rewarding.

What I want to be when I grow up: I know that I want to work in child and adolescent mental health, but in what capacity is something I’m still trying to figure out. I have a passion for many things, so teaching, research, becoming a Nurse Practitioner, or even going to med school to pursue Pediatric Psychiatry are all options that I’m seriously considering. All I know is that I’m a nerd who loves to learn, so many more years of school are in the forecast for sure!

My favourite Western memory: Nothing will ever beat standing on UC Hill during O-Week of my 2nd year when I was Head Soph. I distinctly remember leading our Opening Ceremonies cheer — I was looking out at the class of 2018 in all my sleep-deprived, raspy-voiced, face-painted glory thinking, does life really get any better than this? Spoiler alert: it does, but that moment will always stick with me because it made me so incredibly proud to be a Mustang!