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Erin Cowan BScN '13

Erin Cowan

Working in a rural hospital in Northern Ontario, Erin never tires of seeing new parents hold their child for the first time.

Current Position: Obstetrics and Medical-Surgical RN at a rural hospital in Northern Ontario

Why I chose Western: When I visited Western as a prospective student, I fell in love with the campus. The reputation of Western's nursing program was also a motivating factor. The endless opportunities for involvement and incredible student support service centre also made me feel as though I would be valued as a student; I wouldn't be a number. Attending Western was one of the best choices I ever made.

How my Western Experience prepare you for the next steps in your career: My diverse clinical placements gave me a taste of many roles that nurses play in our society today. My classes complemented what we learned in the field so the practical and theoretical experiences were rich in that aspect. Western also presented a realistic view on what it means to be a nurse and instilled a sense of pride and responsibility in me. 

What I find most satisfying about your career choice: Nothing beats working in a delivery room and watching parents see and hold their child for the first time!

My favourite Western memory: My favourite Western memory is speaking in front of 6000 frosh at the One Love Rally during O-Week 2012. Having the honour to represent students with disabilities and taking part in an evening program that promoted tolerance and acceptance was a wonderful experience.

Best thing about being a student at Western: The nursing program is like a community because it's so contained. Our schedules are all identical aside from electives and course times. It's great to be able to know everyone in your program because at one time or another we'd share a class or a clinical together. The faculty also make a huge effort in getting to know us on a first name basis and that makes a huge difference in faculty-student interaction. Lastly, like I said earlier, Western's opportunities for involvement and volunteering are limitless and the campus culture is rich and diverse.

My advice to future students considering Western Health Sciences: Try your best and if you need it, seek help from your classmates or professors. Balance your student experience with school work, involvement, and building friendships. Take advantage of all opportunities and step outside of your comfort zone! This is your chance to start over and make a name for yourself.