NursingWestern Health Sciences

Program Outline

PhD program requirements consist of course work followed by the completion of a dissertation.

Research Programs and Fields of Study

Students are admitted to work with a pre-determined supervisor within one of three fields of study.

After admission, a supervisory committee is formed. Comprised of the student’s supervisor and two other nursing faculty advisors, the advisory committee guides the students through the doctoral program. Decisions about the composition of this committee are made in consultation with the student’s supervisor based on ensuring that the student has access to the breadth of expertise needed to successfully complete PhD degree requirements.

Course Work

PhD students normally complete all course work within 18 to 24 months of initial registration, although this varies depending on the student’s substantive focus and knowledge and expertise prior to entering the PhD program.

Core Courses (all required)

For course overviews view the course descriptions page.

Other Required Courses

In consultation with their advisory committee, students enrol in additional required courses to complement and broaden their understanding of the state of science within their chosen field of study. These courses must be at or above the 600-level and may be taken from within the School of Nursing or from other departments.

A limited number of graduate courses may be taken at other universities with approval of the supervisory committee and Chair of the Graduate program. An agreement among Ontario universities allows a Western student to take a course as a ‘guest” at another university without paying additional tuition. For more information about this option, contact the Graduate Programs Assistant.

Dissertation Research

All PhD students undertake an independent research project which advances knowledge within their field of study. To ensure adequate mentoring during this process, the focus of the student’s dissertation must fit with the supervisor’s program of research and expertise. Three program milestones related to the dissertation must be successfully completed.