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International Applicants

The Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing has very few openings for international graduate students (i.e. those applicants without Canadian citizenship or permanent residency status in Canada).

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY ONLINE without first contacting the Coordinator of Academic Programs to confirm that applications are being accepted from prospective international students. Inquiries should clearly state the prospective student's academic standing, awards and research accomplishments. Applications will be considered only from students with outstanding research promise (i.e. those individuals with academic grades above 90% or equivalent and documented research activities, such as awards, peer-reviewed publications and research grants).

All international applicants must meet the academic entrance requirements of the graduate program in which they are intersted. Because of the complexity of the submission process for international applications, applicants are strongly encouraged to begin the application process as soon the application is made available online (generally in mid-October) in the year prior to their anticipated entry into the program.

Equivalence of Previous Degrees

All international applicants to graduate nursing programs must hold a bachelor's degree in nursing from a university program which is equivalent to an accredited program in Canada. In addition, applicants to the PhD program must hold a master’s degree in nursing or a related field from an accredited university program.

Program equivalence will be assessed by the Graduate Programs Admissions Committee using documents provided by the applicant and/or other available information.

Proficiency in English

Landed immigrants and international applicants to any of the graduate nursing programs in Nursing, whose first language is not English, are required to provide evidence of English proficiency prior to admission in one of the following ways:

Students must make their own arrangements to write the TOEFL or IELTS and have the official results sent directly to Western's School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by the testing agency at the time of application to the program. Scores are valid if taken within two years of application to the program. If test scores are older than two years, a new test must be written and passed before admission will be considered.

Students whose first language is not English may be exempt from providing English Proficiency test scores if they have studied academic courses on a full-time basis for at least two years in an English-speaking university located in a country whose official first language is English. While we reserve the right to require evidence of English proficiency from any applicant whose first language is not English, French Canadians do not typically need to provide an English proficiency score. However, it is expected they be bilingual.

Professional Credentials and Licensure

International students enrolled in the MScN or PhD programs are not required to hold registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), provided they are currently qualified to practice nursing in their home country. Prospective students must provide this information when applying to the program. Students who do not hold a CNO license will not be permitted to enrol in courses which include a clinical practice component or to supervise undergraduate students in clinical practice.

All applicants to the MN program must hold a valid CNO license and meet the requirement of two years clinical practice experience.