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Along with many graduate SLP and undergraduate students, the following individuals have completed graduate degrees or acted as the lab manager:

Areej Balilah, PhD

Biography / Research Interests: Areej is an Assistant Professor in the Childhood Studies at the King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She pursued a Ph.D. in Speech and Language Science from Western University in Canada. She studies language development and impairment in monolingual and bilingual Arabic-speaking children. Her primary research interest is the assessment of monolingual Arabic-speaking children, and Arabic-English bilingual children.

Nicolette Noonan, PhD

Biography / Research Interests: Nicolette’s research in the LWM lab focused on exploring the process of statistical language learning. Using behavioural, clinical, and neuro-imaging approaches, she investigated whether statistical learning relies on domain-general cognitive process or language-specific processes. Part of her research focused on what differentiates a typical language learner from someone with a language learning impairment, and how statistical learning abilities contribute to these differences. Nicolette is currently the Sleep and Electrophysiology Laboratory Coordinator for BrainsCAN at Western.

Laura Pauls, MA, MClSc, PhD

Biography / Research Interests: In the LWM lab, Laura researched the intersection of language and working memory ability in children with impairments in one or both of these domains. To address this question, she looked at how language and working memory contribute to children's ability to recall stories and what the linguistic characteristics of these stories can tell us about the speakers' abilities. Her research also tested how children with language or working memory impairment respond to different types of intervention, including story-based language intervention and a computerized training program. Laura currently resides in Manitoba, where she works as a school-based speech-language pathologist.

Renata Lohmann, MA

Biography / Research Interests: Ren completed the master’s in Linguistics program at Western University in August 2018. Her research studied statistical language learning in school-aged children with either typically developing language or developmental language disorder (DLD, also known as Specific Language Impairment or SLI). Over the course of the Linguistics MA, Ren assisted in teaching classes in Language and Culture, Language Impairments, and Second Language Acquisition. Ren is reentering the job market with an interest in mediation and diversity in healthcare, education, or civil service for adults or children with communication related needs.

Braxton Murphy

Biography / Research Interests: Braxton Murphy is a third-year undergraduate student in Neuroscience and does research in the Lab through the Scholar’s Electives Program at Western. Under the supervision of Dr. Archibald, Braxton explores the applications of statistical language learning in large-scale artificial languages.

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