Adult Hearing Loss Program

Because hearing aids do not solve all of the communication problems related to hearing loss, the H.A. Leeper Speech & Hearing Clinic in partnership with the National Centre for Audiology, offers a range of group-based courses designed to educate adults with hearing loss and their significant others about how to improve communication in their daily lives.

Course One

Hearing Loss & Strategies for Improving Communication

In this six-session program you will learn:

  • How hearing loss impacts communication and relationships and what can be done;
  • How to get the most benefit when wearing hearing aids;
  • How devices other than hearing aids can be of assistance in difficult listening environments;
  • How the environment around you can impact communication.

Course Two

An Introduction to Speechreading

In this six-session program you will learn:

  • What speechreading is;
  • What the sounds of English look like on the mouth;
  • What sounds are easiest and what sound are most difficult to see on the mouth;
  • How to use your hearing in combination with speechreading to assist you in understanding messages;
  • How you can use other strategies to enhance your communication with others.


Both courses in the Adult Hearing Loss Program are offered at a cost of $10 (per course).

Enrolment and Facilitation

  • Each course has a maximum enrolment of 8 participants
    • Friends or family members are welcome to attend
  • Courses are facilitated by students in Western's master's-level program in Audiology
  • Courses are typically offered between the months of October and JUne
  • Course One must be taken prior to enrolling in Course Two unless approval is granted by the course administrator

Course Registration

If you are interested in attending more of the courses, please complete the online registration form below. You will be contacted by our administrative assistant once sufficient registrations are received to run a course.

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Option 2: Paper Form

To register in either of these classes, please download, print and fill out the form below. To register, you can bring it in, mail it, or email it to us. Please contact us (see below) with any questions.

Contact the Adult Hearing Loss Program

If you have questions about the Adult Hearing Loss Program or need more information, please call or email the H.A. Leeper Speech and Hearing Clinic: