Graduate Students



















Pabiththa Kamalraj, Master's Student
Pabiththa is pursuing her Master of Science (MSc) in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. She obtained her Bachelor of Health Sciences from Western University in 2017. Her research interests include issues related to mental health, dementia, and dementia care. She is presently working under the guidance of Dr. Marie Savundranayagam to understand the communication experience of formal caregivers, specifically personal support workers (PSWs), who work with individuals with dementia, in the home environment.



Heather McIlveen, Master's Student
Heather is a Master's student in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fitness and Exercise Prescription) from Western University in 2016. Her research interests focus on dementia and formal caregiving. Heather will be investigating the impact of person-centred communication training on staff empowerment and the positive benefits of this staff empowerment on Personal Support Workers within the Be EPIC project.




Jovana Sibalija, PhD Student
Jovana is a doctoral student in the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program. She obtained her Master of Science from Western University in 2017. Her research focuses on examining how social relationships influence the mental well-being of family caregivers in Canada. Jovana is particularly interested in finding ways to enhance family caregiver support at the policy and health systems level. She has experience with quantitative research methods and analyzing large population datasets.