Be EPIC: Person-Centred Communication Training

Be EPIC is an innovative, evidence-informed and theoretically-grounded person-centered communication intervention for personal support workers (PSWs) in home care. It focuses on assessing the [E]nvironment, using [P]erson-centered communication, focusing on client relationships ([I] matter too), and incorporating the [C]lient’s abilities, life history and preferences during routine care. Be EPIC’s content focuses on identifying PCC and language strategies that support PCC, and using PCC to support activities of daily living, to engage in meaningful activities, and to prevent and address responsive behaviors. Informed by social cognitive theory, Be EPIC’s delivery includes: self-monitoring, supervised practice with simulated patients and adult-day center clients with dementia, and feedback/support from peers, simulated patients, and trainers.

Please contact project coordinator, Shalane Basque, at if you are interested in volunteering. Check out the Join Our Study page for more information.


We are currently looking for PSW volunteers who meeting the following criteria:

  • Age 18 years or older

  • Completion of the PSW program at the college level

  • A minimum of 6 months experience with clients with dementia

  • Current work employment in home care with clients with dementia

  • Able to attend all training sessions

  • Sufficient communication skills in English to participate in the training program

  • Consent to audio and video recording of the training sessions

  • Consent to audio-recording one hour of home care provision for a client with dementia

We are currently looking for family caregivers who meeting the following criteria:

  • Age 18 years or older
  • Family caregiver of a person with dementia
  • Provide at least four hours/week of caregiving responsibilities to family member with dementia
  • Sufficient communication skills in English to complete a questionnaire
  • Has a family member who is receiving home care from a PSW who is enrolled in the person-centred communication training program
  • Consent to audio recording one hour of interaction between their family member with dementia and a participating PSW at 3 points: pre-training, post-training, and 3-month follow-up