Learning it togetherWestern Health Sciences
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LiT - Learning it Together

Learning it Together (LiT) is a dynamic, volunteer-driven health promotion program that aims to improve early literacy, numeracy, and healthy living skills through mentorship and role modeling. LiT pairs a university age mentor with a London elementary school student at either a housing community or elementary school, in grades one, two, or three and guides them through a unique eight-week after school program. Together in a group setting, mentors and their buddies participate in our fast-paced, interactive program designed to challenge students to learn and grow through play. The program is free of charge for participating children.

LiT is entirely designed and implemented by students from the University of Western Ontario. The program offers students the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of London children, while gaining practical experience in a health promotion program. Each LiT Team is made up of responsible, enthusiastic student volunteers who act as role models, tutors, and friends while offering timely feedback to their buddy. LiT’s low student to mentor ratio means children get individual, one-on-one attention, and a flexible program that fits to suit each child’s needs.

The best part of LiT is how much fun we have! We encourage children and mentors to learn through play. Every session is full of educational science experiments, interactive snacks, art and crafts, group activities, which are all designed to engage the children and their mentors in a positive learning experience.


Our Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement

Learning it Together (LiT) aims to provide children as many educational opportunities as possible for high achievement. It is run by a core executive of eleven students, who currently attend the University of Western Ontario. We hope to fill in the gap between the classroom and the home learning environment by providing an enriching setting in which many windows to educational success are available. As university students, we value education and desire to help children realize their potential to accomplish much in life.


Health is an overall condition of a person defined by physical, mental, and social parameters. Improvement of health can be achieved through health promotion, prevention, and by addressing the major social determinants of health, which are the social and economical influences that affect the health and well-being of individuals and communities at large. From a health promotional perspective, LiT hopes to focus on three major social determinants: early life, education, and social exclusion. By engaging children in the progream, we hope to help them gain the necessary tools to stay physically active, enhance self-esteem, and to ultimately live a healthy life.

The goal of LiT is to help children who are at an early stage in their educational career. Our volunteers hope that with a better educational foundation, children can create a better and more promising future for themselves. With these aims in mind, LiT focuses on children in grades one to three.


The Learning it Together research representatives, along side other members of the LiT executive team, have been working hard the last three years to reach the programs ultimate goal of creating a healthier and brighter future for the London community.