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Better care for less money: The outreach facilitation quality improvement model"
Presenters: William Hogg,  Élisabeth-Bruyère Research Institute, University of Ottawa
April 19, 2012


For 15 years we have been pursuing a program of research on how to help community based primary care practices improve the quality of care that they deliver. We will outline six projects that demonstrate the effectiveness and economic consequences of a quality improvement approach called outreach facilitatiorovement approach which has the potential to positively impact the health of Canadian. It involves using external consultan. Outreach facilitation is an evidence-based primary care quality impnts familiar with primary healthcare, known as Outreach Facilitators, who act as knowledge brokers to support the incorporation of evidence-based information processes, tools, and skills to enact practice change. Our results have shown that an outreach facilitation model can be used effectively in several different areas such as improving the delivery of evidence-based preventive care, and increasing training in infection control for primary care practices. This work has led to the initiation of facilitation programs across North America. With a focus on pragmatic trials and implementing facilitation in a real world setting these findings are particularly relevant to policy development for improving the delivery of primary care.

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