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"Performance Measurement and Feedback in Family Health Teams"
Presenters: Michael Green, University of Ottawa
January 2010


The purpose of this study is to provide feedback that was gathered as a part of the Improving Measures Project to Family Health Teams (FHTs). The Improving Measures Project aimed to determine which methods of primary care provided the most reliable and useful information at the practice level, and also helped to extend our understanding and experience from the models previously studied to include FHTs.

In this study, FHTs will be provided with feedback on indicators that will identify 3-4 key areas where data collection tools show the greatest correspondence. Areas for maximum variation in performance will also be identified and the strongest and weakest areas of practice will be identified.

Phase one of the study will focus on adapting and piloting a facilitated performance feedback method for a multidisciplinary primary care team, understanding the performance feedback needs of individual members of the team, and evaluating feedback methods for the teams. A one-hour group feedback session will be held with each FHT, encouraging participation from as many providers and administrative staff as possible. A trained facilitator will present a summary of the results for that team as well as comparative information from participating FHTs. Following the group feedback session, individual 1-hour interviews with FHT team members from a wide range of disciplines will be conducted. The objective of these interviews will be to understand the performance feedback needs of individual members of a multidisciplinary health care team and to evaluate feedback methods.

Phase two will take place approximately 3-4 months after the initial facilitated feedback session. The research team will return to the practice to conduct repeat interviews with many of the Phase 1 individuals and FHT leaders (including lead physicians, quality improvement leaders, and others) who were not included in the initial sample. These interviews will focus on three general areas, firstly on the impact of the initial feedback session, including the identification of changes in the practice and adoption of new processes to improve performance. Secondly, the interviews will assess the changes in attitudes towards performance measurement and the value of the feedback session over time, and lastly, the current and planned use of performance measurement within the FHT as well as barriers and facilitators to integrating performance measurement and feedback in the FHT on an ongoing basis.

The project is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Health and Long Term Care in the amount of $50,275 (ÉBRI) and $138,706 (Queen’s University).

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