We Speak 2017


The results of the WE SPEAK Faculty and Staff Survey 2017 are out and the news is good.  Western continues to be an engaged community.

  • Response rates are up. Almost 4000 western faculty and staff members took part in the survey with a response rate that increased from approximately 40% to 45% from 2012 to 2017. Full-time staff had a 78% response rate and full-time faculty had a 44% response rate. The overall part-time response rate was 24.9%.
  • Western had notably high Organizational Engagement scores (74.2%), compared to the Metrics@Work database average (69.3%) and the Post Secondary Sector database of 69.1%.
  • Overall, Organizational Engagement and Faculty/Division Engagement scores are slightly lower than 2012, while Work Engagement is slightly higher.
  • In general, staff responses reflect higher levels of Organizational Engagement and faculty responses show higher levels in Work Engagement.

More information and WE SPEAK Survey Results
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The WE SPEAK Survey process held in January and February 2017 was designed to provide you with an opportunity to express your views about your day-to-day work experience at Western. Your input has helped to identify what is working well, and where there is opportunity for improvement by measuring workplace culture and employee engagement across Western and within our faculties and divisions.