Wayne Brereton - 2007 Recipient

 Wayne Brereton

Wayne Brereton - Director of Technical Services, Faculty of Arts and Humanities

For 37 years, Wayne Brereton has seen more than his fair share of new technology surface on campus. But it’s how he’s helped others in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities merge these educational tools as an asset in the academic environment that has made him one of the faculty’s “best kept secrets.”

As Director of Technical Services (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Brereton is one who wouldn’t think twice about interrupting his weekends or after-hours time to ensure the needs of faculty members are met.

“He possesses that rare and wonderful gift of being able to explain technical issues with great lucidity,” says Chris Gittings, Associate Professor and Chair of Film Studies. “Wayne’s tremendous curiosity means he is always bringing new ideas and approaches into both the human resources side of his job and the technical side of things.”

Brereton has multiple responsibilities including management of the Film Resource Centre, support of ‘smart’ classrooms and especially hands-on service in audio/visual equipment, recording, dubbing and editing.

For Professor Douglas Kneale, Department of English Chair, Brereton’s contributions make him the “one-stop, go-to guy.”

“It’s been said that technology gives us ways to goof up in ways we never dreamt of before,” says Kneale. “I think we’ve all been there – but how many of us have had a tech hero like Wayne to come to the rescue?”

Brereton is humbled by the award, seeing as he doesn’t consider his job to be work since it’s something he’s enjoyed doing most of his adult life.

“I'd like to thank the five deans, administrators, staff, faculty and students I've been associated with the past 37 years (reel-to-reel tape to the ic recorder) for their  contributions, support and friendship that have made this an incredible adventure.”

by Paul Mayne

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