Iain Smith - 2007 Recipient

 Iain Smith

Iain Smith - Liaison Officer, Registrarial Services

It’s not just fellow co-workers who like to sing the praises of Iain Smith – it’s students, parents, guidance counselors and others alike.

As Liaison Officer in the Registrar’s office, Smith is sometimes one of the first contacts potential students have with Western. There have been countless times when Smith’s knowledge, enthusiasm, humour, commitment and dedication have been the deciding factor in a young student’s life.

“My son was at a crossroads between a small U.S. school . where he had a scholarship, and Western,” says Sandra McCulloch. “He (Iain) left Sean and me feeling confident that the students really matter at Western. Sean has chosen Western and I believe it is in large part because of the discussion we had with Iain.”

Marilyn Nash, Team Leader for Undergraduate Recruitment, says Smith’s role as mentor and ambassador lets students understand what the best student experience means even before they set foot on campus.

But he also plays a major role in assisting fellow co-workers.

“He has shepherded many new staff through a rigorous training process, taught them to be themselves and ultimately instilled in them confidence in their own abilities,” says Nash. “He leaves a positive and long-lasting impression with everyone. He is a wonderful colleague and friend and has made a difference in the lives of many.”

Smith said the people he works and deals with make his job enjoyable.

“It's not the kind of thing I think about on a daily basis, but it's always nice to be appreciated,” he says. “I believe we all come to work to do the best we can, and to find out that we can have a positive impact and make a difference in others' lives - it is really satisfying.”

by Paul Mayne

Western News